Comparing Ruby and PHP:  Why Is It Worse to Switch over to Ruby on Rails?For someone for sure it will be a surprise that such popular websites as Twitter, YellowPages, Scribd and Groupon are written on Ruby. It should be mentioned that approximately every second start-up in the U.S. is based on Ruby on Rails development. Thus, Ruby and PHP here march in step.

So let's consider the differences between Ruby and PHP:

  1. Ruby is a general-purpose language, in turn PHP is not! Ruby is used in many areas of development and research, modeling, etc., while PHP language is mostly used in web application development. PHP is written in C, and Ruby is written mostly in Ruby. PHP can be run on different Web servers from third-party developers such as Apache and nginx, while Ruby has a number of Web servers which are written in Ruby itself, but works fine on Apache, nginx, as well as on LightHTTPd.
  2. Ruby is easier than PHP and has a clearer syntax, has many built-in programming language itself patterns and various convenient constructs such as iterators which are not available for PHP developers.
  3. Ruby has very rapid pace of web development, PHP does not... The new versions of Ruby have distinct advantages over previous ones, while PHP 5.3 cannot boast of having really worth supplements.
  4. The creators of Ruby are experienced programmers from around the world, the creators of PHP are experienced programmers from Zend, who aim to make a profit from PHP, the developers of Ruby are just crazy fanatics.
  5. The Ruby community includes mostly experienced programmers with the desire and ability to help beginners. PHP community are 80% of newcommers and 19% of average level programmers from small and medium-sized studios. Ruby code has proved to be reliable, while it is better to check carefully PHP code.
  6. PHP-developers claim that PHP is better because many huge projects are written in PHP and have almost billions audiences. As a matter of fact, one should understand that while developing such projects a wide variety of programming languages is used.