We are happy to announce that QArea developers from The Huffington Post team are going to visit United States to take part in on-site development at the client’s main office. Our 11 developers arrive to the USA on July, 7 and they will spend 10-days exciting vacation on the Huffington Post’s motherland.

HuffingtonPost logoThe history of QArea and The Huffington Post co-working is long and exciting. Together with other development teams from different parts of the world we have created one of the leading online newspapers in the United States and we continue to improve it day by day. During more than five years of successful partnership we have gained a huge experience and reached fascinating results.

Now we continue to make our partnership closer and more effective. The Huffington Post management team in the person of its CTO John Pavley and other managers is now inviting QArea’s developers to visit their main office in New York City to improve and specify their knowledge. Our team is going to learn the customer needs from the first hands. Also due to the long-term and beneficial cooperation between our companies, The Huffington Post gives its offshore employees an opportunity to get some rest and impressions spending time in the USA.

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It should be mentioned that this is not the first time QArea programmers are being invited to The Huffington Post US office. We are sure that our reliable partnership and strong cooperation will go on for the best of both parties.