DevOps Industry Awards 2017


We are thrilled to win DevOps Industry Awards 2017 for Automatic Best Use of DevOps Technology. The judges were looking for the companies who demonstrated the successful implementation of the DevOps technology, verified project achievements, and showed the challenges of the project. They highly evaluated our app TimeGuard and the implementation of DevOps technology in this project.

Why do we have adopted DevOps? 

Automation is an essential component of digital transformation. This is not about IT, this is about every company and its success. The earlier you adopt a technology, the earlier you come up with results for your client’s success. According to Sauce Labs report,  73% just started the path to DevOps, and 15% consider the implementation of it. QArea was the early adopter of DevOps, and we are among 10% who use this technology and show impressive results. We thank DevOps community for recognition of our accomplishments as the early adopter of this technology.

The judges celebrated our accomplishments for TimeGuard, which has become the evidence of the most significant benefits of DevOps, such as rapid entry into a market, high quality, and organization efficiency.

Why TimeGuard?

TimeGuard, our “fitness tracker” for a project team, helps evaluate the results of every team member and the whole team through vibrant visualization. Our challenge was to create the app that deals with with

10,000 concurrent requests and 50 screens from the daily activities of every user. DevOps has united the development and testing, providing access to standardized environments in minutes as opposed to weeks at a fraction of the cost. It provided increased productivity, efficiency and reduced time to market while also decreasing risk.