we are the bestQArea’s official blog got on the top 100 IT blogs of the last year.

The experts of computer education from TechnologySchools.org have compiled their list of the 100 best IT blogs on which they included QArea IT Blog as the 18th.

The whole list can be viewed at http://technologyschools.org/information-technology/.

TechnologySchools.org is a reputed educational resource for people aiming to study computer technology for career and self-development purposes. The site provides great articles, references to accredited universities and colleges as well as a whole range of relevant blog posts. The owners of the site traditionally gather the best computer technology resources from all the Internet space and compose the top 100 list of IT blogs for their readers.

QArea IT Blog which got the 18th position on the list features only high-profile development and testing tips, tricks, checklists, reviews and selections of helpful materials on such topics as:

  • Android
  • .Net
  • Cloud Computing
  • iPhone
  • Java
  • SEO
  • Web Design
  • Windows Phone and many more.

The compact and precise format of QArea’s blog posts is particularly friendly for IT beginners and makes a perfect way for self-studying.

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