Top IT Outsourcing Companies 2017


QArea has once again confirmed the high quality of its service by being listed in TOP IT Outsourcing Companies list released by a B2B research firm Clutch.

Clutch mentions the world’s best outsourcing companies in the industry, basing on the quality of IT consulting and outsourced development services and the ability to deliver on client expectations.

One of the distinctive features of this rating is the practiсe of conducting interviews with the clients. It reveals the actual state of things in IT outsourcing literally firsthand. The clients are always the toughest critics - they rate not only technical aspect, but also the level of the service, timing and budgets, teamwork, and communication with the client team. Thus, QArea is proven to have clients’ loyalty.

The сompany puts all efforts to make the cooperation with each and every client to be their best experience. QArea is not only working on developing already high-standard engineering, but also pays great attention to the client service and customer satisfaction regardless of сooperation with SMBs or large enterprises.

QArea applies the latest  technologies to meet the highest standards of software development. The Company has developed own software product, TimeGuard to control the quality of the code to track and improve the productivity of the development team. All these factors help QArea to occupy top positions in the Clutch ratings.

Over the past few years, QArea holds top positions on the Clutch Rankings in the following nominations: Top Software Application Testing Firms, Top Drupal Developers and Top WordPress Developers.

The company is grateful to all customers for highly appreciating its work!