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Software Developments in Digital Media

September 20, 2018
Digital Media Technology Innovations

Technology and media are, ultimately, in a mutually beneficial partnership. Improvements in technology drive changes in media, and changes in media drive shifts in the technological landscape. Let’s take a look at what the future holds for public information and media development. What are the main trends that are coming in, and which are the ones that have already proven themselves to be successful? Voice …

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QArea is a Finalist of the DevOps Industry Awards

September 13, 2018

We’re proud to say that 2018 is the second consecutive year in which QArea has been a finalist in the DevOps Industry Awards! This year we are the finalists in the Best Use of DevOps Technology category for our work on the microservices-based time tracking software DueFocus. Earlier this year our Product Development team was appraised at CMMI-DEV Capability Maturity Level 3 while working on …

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Using Video and Smart VX for Better Customer Onboarding

August 21, 2018
Using Video and Smart VX

Getting customers or users through the journey and motions of getting “up and running” with a product is how most organizations see their onboarding process. Customer onboarding is an essential part of the user journey and a valuable milestone so it’s necessary to think beyond these motions. Poor onboarding experiences will cause churn and can pretty much kill your growth. Great onboarding experience is not …

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Moving to Microservices: Top Products & Services

August 13, 2018
Moving to Microservices

Microservices is a service‑oriented architecture composed of loosely coupled elements that have bounded contexts. — Adrian Cockcroft Microservices is a popular type of software architecture for many years now. No surprise. They are praised for they are scalable, well-performing, and sustainable. It would be wrong to say that monolith architecture is dead, simply because it still has the purpose. Big corporations with complex solutions opt …

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Leveraging the Internet of Things to drive improvements in logistics industry

August 9, 2018
Internet of things in logistics and transportation

Seoul is repeatedly considered one of the smartest city in the world. This achievement became possible a lot because of the well-developed and tested Internet of Thing transportation system, developed as early as 2004. Since then, the IoT in transportation and logistics have advanced and now Seoul’s buses are capable of gathering information via road sensors, GPS devices, loop detectors, and citizen reports. Such approach has …

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Using Microservices Architecture to Break Your Vendor Lock-in

August 6, 2018
Using Microservices Architecture to Break Your Vendor Lock-in

Complex projects become messy so quickly that companies end up being completely dependent on their development vendors. Once you chose a development team, your hands are tied (seemingly forever). Anyway, that’s how it usually works, and here is why. Most applications are built with a standard approach. This approach is usually called “monolithic”. It’s simple to deploy, easy to build, to support… …until it becomes …

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Microservices — please, do

August 2, 2018
Microservices Architecture

Just in case the term is new to you and you happened to stumble upon this piece: microservices is a software development technique — a variant of the service-oriented architecture (SOA) architectural style that structures an application as a collection of loosely coupled services. This is a response to the numerous meandering articles, like this one, that have spread across the internet, generally claiming that microservices …

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Why You Should Stay Aware Of Your ERP System Security Risks and Future Upgrade

July 31, 2018
erp software solutions security

ERP software is a buzzword amongst business practitioners and corporate managers these days – it is definitely the most effective platform that can transform your business fortunes instantly! ERP systems are comprehensive in nature and handle a myriad range of operations such as customer relationship management, supple chain issues, inventory, billing and payroll functions. The market today is flooded with a number of innovation and …

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Increasing Your Website as a Tech Solution by Facilitating Access

July 27, 2018
OAuth Business Advantages

It’s wise to consider a different verification system for your users, as this will give them more options to Cloud-based services and mobile apps. It’s quickly becoming the norm for major web portals, Cloud services, and mobile applications to take advantage of open authorisation protocols that provide alternative authentication mechanisms. This is because by facilitating access, companies can quickly accelerate use of these online services. …

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QArea Is Recognized Top Global AngularJS Developer by IT Firms Rating

July 20, 2018
top angularjs development companies

QArea just scored another international rating, proving again its team’s expertise in software development. This time, our Angular JS development team made it to the Top-10 List of Best AngularJS Development Companies based on performed projects, average project budget, innovative approaches, and UI/UX design. IT Firms, a software development research company, is a credible expert in evaluating global IT-services providers. The firm creates credible ratings …

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