10 Key Reasons to Hire Dedicated Developers

Why would you hire dedicated developers to bring your ideas to life? Outsourcing has become a popular solution for businesses to tackle their software development challenges and is now estimated globally at $92.5bn, with 60% of organizations preparing to outsource more in the next three years. This is a part of the growing trend where companies strive for innovation and reduce technical debt by increasing their spending: in 2023, 52% of organizations are planning to spend more on software services.

The dedicated team model is taking its rightful place as the most flexible, cost-efficient engagement strategy for mid- and long-term collaboration. Whether you’re looking to expand your current technological capabilities or have a great idea on your mind but no one to bring it to life, hire a dedicated developers team to help you deliver a project of any scale fast and within budget. 

Let’s look at what makes hiring dedicated programmers such a popular choice in today’s software development environment.

What Is a Dedicated Development Team?

A dedicated development team is exactly that: a team of developers dedicated to one project, who collaborate with the client on the software development process without actually joining the in-house team. The dedicated team members are employed by the service provider — typically, a software development company — but work on the client’s development project full-time, reporting to the client and participating in every development activity together with other team members. Unlike in-house specialists, dedicated developers usually work remotely but are seamlessly integrated into the client’s application development process.

10 Benefits of Hiring Dedicated Developers

benefits of hire dedicated developers

We would like to present hiring dedicated developers as a silver bullet for any trouble you may have with your project, but it wouldn’t be true. As with any engagement model, there are pros and cons, wins and drawbacks. Here, however, we would like to focus on gains and benefits — the key reasons to hire dedicated developers instead of looking for freelancers or assembling a full-scale in-house team. 

1. Save resources on search and recruitment

You can’t afford to waste time when a great idea needs to be implemented. Who knows, maybe your competitors are already working on it. When you need to assemble a professional team, a decision to hire a dedicated developers team from a vendor can save you the trouble of daunting searches and expensive recruitment procedures. All the specialists you need are in one place, ready to come aboard your project. You provide the project requirements, and your vendor assembles a team of the right size and expertise that suits your needs best.

2. Start your project fast

From paperwork to assigning specific roles and responsibilities on the project, building an in-house team can take months of preparations and onboarding procedures. That’s a risky delay most projects can’t take in today’s fast-paced market environment. The good news is that you can hire dedicated developers and minimize the time needed to begin the actual work on the project. A professional vendor should be able to streamline the preliminary procedures and have your team up and running in a matter of several weeks.

3. Reduce administrative expenses

In addition to search and recruitment, there are considerable administrative expenses you have to account for when building an in-house team. This includes costs like finding additional office space for your new employees, buying equipment, providing training, vacations, health insurance, etc. A big advantage of hiring a dedicated team, however, is that you don’t have to worry about these and many other overheads — your vendor has already provided your remote workers with everything they need to do their job efficiently. The dedicated team only charges for the time they’ve spent working on the project, which makes it possibly the most cost-effective software project development model.

4. Set up the processes to fit your management style

Regarding project management, hiring a dedicated team provides you with the same level of control as if you had your employees working remotely from a different location. This enables you to set up your own rules, choose the methodology you think is best for your project, and practically have the team working your way. You can easily adjust your level of involvement with the project, whether you decide to take direct control over task management, communication, and setting up workflows, or you want to leave the micromanagement to a dedicated project manager and focus on other important matters.

5. Adapt to changes and optimize team size on the fly

From reaching a development milestone to unexpected changes in the market environment, there can be numerous reasons why you might have to grow or reduce your team. While trying to extend or downsize an in-house team would pose a significant administrative problem, the dedicated team model gives you incredible management flexibility. It enables you to scale your team up and down freely and without delay.

6. Budget ahead with confidence 

The dedicated development team model offers full transparency when it comes to costs. From the moment the team is assembled, your vendor provides you with a set monthly service fee. With such a transparent pricing model, it is effortless for you to track the costs, produce highly accurate estimates, and restructure your budget in case there are any project scope adjustments. 

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7. Effectively track the progress and performance on the project

Dedicated developers are the best option when you want to have full control over every software development project stage. With numerous project management tools like Jira, Asana, and Trello, managing and monitoring a remote team is no longer a big deal. A good vendor should help you set up all the necessary tools and establish seamless communication to effectively manage the project—progress tracking, workflow optimization, KPI monitoring, automated reporting, etc. You can be certain that your resources are used in the most efficient way. 

8. Lower your development costs and reduce turnaround time

One of the main advantages of outsourcing your software development over hiring locally is that it helps you save significant amounts of money without sacrificing the quality of the final results. Access to large talent pools at significantly lower hourly rates provides a great cost-benefit ratio as is. However, there’s another advantage worth mentioning. With proper management and communication set right, you can exploit the time zone difference between your office and the dedicated team to set up a nearly uninterrupted workflow. Thus, in addition to spending less on development, you also get a faster time-to-market.

9. Get better collaboration results with well-established teamwork

Unlike taking on freelancers or building an in-house team from scratch, hiring a dedicated team provides you with an already organized working environment. These are not office newcomers or strangers scattered around the globe we’re talking about. A dedicated team consists of people who have a proven track record of projects they’ve completed together. They are good teammates who don’t need any learning or getting to know each other to work together. They are highly productive, know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and deliver better results.


“In my experience, one of the biggest benefits of working with a dedicated team is the fact that after a short period of time, the team is so immersed in the project and so committed to delivering the best result that they are not just diligently completing the tasks set by the stakeholders, but also come up with their own suggestions and new solutions.”

Oleg Sivograkov, Chief Operating Officer, QArea

10. Build value-based relationships with your vendor

If you’ve enjoyed working with the dedicated team and are happy with the results, you could always turn your collaboration into a long-term partnership. Having a reliable tech partner by your side ready to provide their best talent and expertise whenever you need it will add value to your business and help you tackle any software development challenges with ease and utmost precision. A dedicated development team can help you focus on the big picture and leave the rest to your trusted tech partner.

When to Hire a Dedicated Development Team

Long before the launch of a new project, the stakeholders need to answer an important question: “Does the project need a dedicated development team?” The decision to start working with a dedicated development team should be never taken on a whim. It’s important to take your individual development needs into account. However, even though entrusting the development to a dedicated team is not the only option, there are cases where a dedicated development team becomes a literal lifesaver. Here are the situations where a decision to hire a development team is the right one:

  • You’re planning a long-term project. Long-term software development projects, especially ones that are developed from scratch and are based on a unique project idea, will always benefit from working with a dedicated development team, who can dedicate 100% of their attention to the project, whether it’s a mobile app or web development project.
  • Project requirements are unclear. When working with remote dedicated development teams, you have much more flexibility in terms of requirements, deadlines, and other parameters compared to models like fixed price, where the entire project needs to be described and planned in detail before its start. You can hire a team to work when you only have a preliminary idea of the project and plan further steps together with your new team members.
  • You’re launching a startup. The hiring of dedicated developers is an excellent idea for startups in any phase, especially early-stage startups. That way, your core in-house team can work on the business side of the operation, while dedicated developers work on turning your idea into a functional product without needing you to take care of onboarding, office space, equipment, and benefits.
  • You have a legacy software project. When a software product is several years old, it faces the risk of getting outdated with time. Moreover, legacy products still need to be updated, and new features need to be added to keep up with the market demand. This is easier to achieve with dedicated developers, who regularly engage with the product, know its ins and outs, and have their own vision in regards to the product architecture and functionality.
  • You have limited access to talent locally. In case you live in a place where an in-house IT team can be downright impossible to assemble because of low number of relevant specialists in the area or high salaries, you can benefit from one of the advantages of dedicated developers, which is the ability to hire a professional team of developers for less.

Typical Composition of a Dedicated Software Development Team

Those who hire dedicated development teams on a regular basis can envision the perfect team composition for a custom software development project in no time because they have a firm grasp of the needs and resources that are already available. However, when you are looking to hire a remote dedicated team for the first time, deciding on the exact team setup can be challenging. Here are the specialists you will typically need for software project development:

  • Business analyst. A business analyst is responsible for making sure that the project is feasible from the financial standpoint and that the requirements are perfectly aligned with the business goals. The business analyst can also work with the team to ensure a good product-market fit, which impacts the entire success of your software development project.
  • Systems architect. A systems architect is a specialist that has both business and technical expertise. They take into consideration the business goals of the project and suggest the most suitable technical solution to get there. A systems architect is typically responsible for selecting the technologies for developing the project and creating the foundation for building a powerful software product.
  • UI/UX designer. Before you hire developers to work on the front-end and back-end parts of the solution, you need to know what that solution will look like and what kind of logic it will have. This is where an experienced UI/UX designer comes into play. A UI/UX designer is a person who can create the entire visual part of the application, ensure a good user experience, and strengthen your company’s branding through the right colors, shapes, and images.
  • Software developers. It goes without saying that a dedicated development team should include software developers. You can hire just one software engineer to fill the expertise gap in your in-house team, or you can assemble an complete team of developers for the best project outcome. It’s important to hire dedicated developers to work with based on their areas of expertise, which, in turn, depend on your project requirements and the experts you already have.
  • Project manager. A project manager is an essential link between the development team and the project stakeholders — mainly the client. The project manager can sometimes work on the client’s side, but having a PM on the service provider’s side ensures uninterrupted communication with the developers and other specialists. The project manager will set deadlines and milestones, monitor the progress, and regularly report to the client.
  • QA engineers. Companies that hire dedicated teams should also consider quality assurance, which is a part of all development methodologies and the only way to ensure reliable, high-quality software. A QA team can start working with dedicated developers as soon as there is at least some software units to test. You may also hire new team members in case you already have a manual testing team but now need to add automation testing to the mix.

Dedicated Developers, Freelancers, Development Outsourcing, or Growing Your In-House Team: Which One to Go For?

When embarking on a software development journey, another important question to ask is whether a dedicated team is the best option available. Sure, countless companies and projects benefit from hiring the best dedicated programmers, but this is definitely not your only option. Here is a quick comparison of the most popular ways to hire dedicated engineers:

  • Growing your in-house team. This option has one significant advantage: the specialists you hire will stay with you even after the project is completed, or can work on several projects at the same time. However, the fact that they are not just there for a one-off project can also be a drawback, since you’ll need to keep them permanently busy even when you’re not working on anything new. Moreover, in-house developers can be expensive depending on where you live, and you will also be responsible for all related overhead costs.
  • Working with freelancers. The biggest benefit of employing freelancers is the absolute flexibility. You can hire a freelancer for as many hours as needed without any additional expenses. This can be a great solution when you need a rare specialist, but only for a small task. The drawback of working with freelancers is that they are not committed in any way to the project, which means they can move on at any given moment.
  • Hiring from agencies with vetted freelancers. This option is essentially the combination of the previous two: you can choose from the pool of freelancers with impressive resumes but hire them for long-term projects. This gives you access to an extensive pool of talent, but this option is also pretty expensive, as vetted specialists often operate from Western Europe, the US, and Canada, where software engineers cost a lot to hire.
  • Outsourcing the project. Here you can entrust the whole project to a software development company that specializes in outsourcing. This is usually cheaper than a dedicated team of developers for hire, and you can also find all necessary specialists in one place. However, this is also where one of the benefits of hiring dedicated app developers gets lost, as you don’t get as much control and oversight with outsourcing as you do with a dedicated team.
  • Working with a recruitment agency. If you’re wondering how to hire dedicated developers with the best qualifications without spending too much time on pre-screening and vetting the candidates, this may be the answer you’re looking for. A recruitment agency will learn the details of your project and suggest the most suitable specialists. Of course, that level of convenience comes at a price, as you’ll have to pay a hefty recruitment fee. Also, this is usually an option that implies long-term commitment.

As any guide to hire dedicated developers would tell you, the question of whether or not you need a team of dedicated developers is a question of your project’s specifics, your budget, and your plans for the near future. On our part, we would be happy to discuss the details of a possible cooperation, help you decide if you need a dedicated team, and together choose the team that will turn even the most ambitious goals into reality.

Frequently Asked Questions

 What are the benefits of hiring dedicated developers?

When you have a large-scale, long-term project, hiring a dedicated software development team to cover specific tasks is the best engagement strategy you can choose. This cooperation model comes with top-notch flexibility and adaptability, as well as proven cost-effectiveness. One of the main advantages of hiring dedicated developers is also the fact that with an outsourced team, you don’t have to face any usual hiring or onboarding overhead costs as you normally do with an in-house development team. You choose whether you want to focus on your business or be a hands-on manager for a while. 

 When should I hire dedicated developers for my project?

You should foremost choose to hire dedicated developers when your project is not limited in time and may have some unexpected requirements’ twists and turns along the way. A dedicated team of experts will also come in handy when you don’t want to distract your core, in-house team with some extra, branching development tasks. 

 Why hire dedicated developers instead of freelancers?

It is all about tools and experience. Dedicated developers have earned their place in an expert team working with a variety of industries worldwide, or honing their niche skills. Freelancers are often hired for dealing with minor, brief tasks. If you have something more complex in mind — go for dedicated developers. Also, freelancers generally have access only to some basic tools, while dedicated developers employ licensed soft- and hardware, following industry’s best practices. 

 How do I hire dedicated developers?

You can look for experts yourself, or entrust our software development service with the search and vetting process. If you choose the latter, decide on your goals and preliminary requirements, send us a free inquiry, receive a quick estimate based on your demands and instructions, let us match your request with the most suitable dedicated developers from our roster and beyond.

 How to hire a dedicated team of developers for a startup?

Hiring dedicated developers for a startup is not much different from hiring the same team for an enterprise. The key variation is the number and profile of specialists you need. While big enterprises often hire dedicated developers teams with business analysts, QAs, and a project manager onboard, you may want to limit scouting to a few developers only. 

 What is the cost of a hired dedicated developer?

The price depends on many factors — the planned length and scope of the project, the number of developers and other specialists needed, and the additional requirements. The exact cost of hiring dedicated software developers also depends on the cooperation model you and your vendor agree upon, the flexibility of the project conditions, the technologies used on the project, and so on. You request a quick estimate here.

 How to manage the dedicated programmers once I hire them?

Key concepts for managing dedicated developers are: agreeing on schedule and working hours, mutual understanding of the development plan, setting priorities, and establishing security standards. You should also agree on the most suitable communication tools and a feedback process. 

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