10 Mind-Blowing Statistics Involving Content Marketing (Infographics)

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on August 26, 2018

10 Mind-Blowing Statistics Involving Content Marketing (Infographics)
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Naked statistics are showing that content is a colossal field to work on. Especially for a good marketer. Here are ten amazing facts that are going to prove this point. Some of them may even sound like tasks for a future to do & improve list for an IT outsourcing company.

Do you want proof? OK! Now here we have mere numbers, they would never lie, they are not your math teacher, stating you will be using that gained sinus knowledge on a daily basis while counting proper cash to pay for your bills, for all sakes. Digits are completely trustworthy.

Content Marketing Infographic

  1. Companies that possess an active blog are currently generating 67% peers more than their counterparts. People love blogs. They really do and this statistic is only proving that fact. They are especially pleased when they are finding a blog on their favorite company’s site. This happening can be easily explained. Blogs provide users with a down-to-earth explanation of what is a certain business doing and of its goods. Blogs are easier to read, there is the possibility of sharing opinions. That is basically all consumers ever want from the internet. As a cherry on the top are the blogs materials (that is if they are well written and of informative value) which may become an educational go-to for whoever is in the same business or is simply interested. A blog is like a fishing pool for a good marketer. It may be filled with call-to-action content and various offerings for catching leads. The bigger net – the more fish.
  2. An average marketer is operating with approximately 12 different tactics and strategies per project. Multitasking is something that marketers have to do in order to stay on the flow. And their arsenal is constantly growing due to the popping apps and social networks of all kinds and sizes.
  3. The impressive 82% of B2B companies are currently active users of content marketing. And they are not the only ones in this area. A constantly growing amount of B2C companies are beginning to use content marketing as their primary weapon of choice in expanding their client base.
  4. 33% of a B2B company’s budget goes on content marketing. This only proves that content marketing is of high value and is worth the impressive 33% of the entire marketing budget. And nobody regrets the spent money. The increasing amount of leads is proving that such expenses were not wasted for anything.
  5. 8 out of 10 of the US internet users are into blogs and/or social networks. That is an impressive number. That means that most of your customers are on LinkedIn or Facebook. These people are willing to buy your goods and are not to be neglected.
  6. E-mails are actually the most common form of communication on earth. Despite all the fuss around the social networks e-mails are still holding top spots in this field. With the current level of automation management of this field has become easier, yet no team has the right to forget about e-mails for even a second.
  7. About 47% of modern marketers are actively using LinkedIn. Even if the target audience is situated around Facebook and Tweeter it will be good practice to use a bit of LinkedIn’s potential. This is the place where business professionals gather. And those relations may be a hell of a bonus for your team and your company.
  8. The enormous 87% of B2B companies are using social media as a mean of distribution of content. Your own website is not the only place to spread info about your goods, updates or business in total. And lots of people are getting that. Make sure you are in the 87%.
  9. Blog often! Companies that actually blog at least 15 times per month have a five times traffic advantage over the companies that do not blog as often. This is but one more proof of the fact that having a good blog equals having more costumers. And if the blog is active it is a splendid tool for creating a trail of breadcrumbs for more leads to follow. Blogs answer costumer’s questions. That is an extremely usable and profitable sales strategy.
  10. Only 44% of companies are currently outsourcing their content marketing. While this thing is quite easy to outsource in-walls content marketing has its own advantages (as well as disadvantages). And the strongest side here is that the in-walls specialists have more available data to post on blogs, etc. Data that is closer to them as well as the company as well as some other IT resources.