10 Reasons Why Your SEO Strategy Needs Google+

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on April 17, 2014

10 Reasons Why Your SEO Strategy Needs Google+
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SEO is just as important for the product’s success as software development itself. It’s no surprise for anybody that Google+ engineers constructed their SEO juggernaut so that to dominate Google search results above any other social platforms.

Here are 10 ways, or reasons, you may take advantage of Google+ SEO domination.

  1. Google+ not just allows for linking to your profiles across the Internet, but also let you embed followed links straight into the bio with any preferable anchor text.
  2. Google+ also enables you to insert any number of followed links right into the posts. Simply enter the full URL to make Google format it automatically as a link.
  3. The first sentence in your Google+ post is part of a title tag which correlates with rankings highly and influences your click-through rates greatly. Choose the keywords carefully and mind that your first sentence is the first thing many people see.
  4. Google+ is much like your own small personal blogging platform which means you are free to fully edit your any post any time, unlike with Facebook and Twitter.
  5. When you share the content on Google+, Google will quickly index the page. Share all your content on Google+ and other social networks to get quick indexation.
  6. Google+ offers over 17 notification triggers to help website owners connect to influencers of your industry. According to your account’s settings, such notifications can be a phone SMS, email, or just Google notification bar.
  7. If you successfully maintain your author tag and get a catchy photo for your Google+ account, you may even reach more free traffic than your leading competitors.
  8. Google Analytics has a greatly progressed social media reporting. Its amazing and free social media lets you view all the essential metrics of Google+ traffic or other social networks at one glance.
  9. Try the tool CircleCount. Just by pasting in the Google+ URL you can chart the daily follower growth, your posts’ virality, or even see the “CircleRank” score against other Google+ profiles.
  10. All these tips will matter only when you actually has a Google+ account.

If you are planning to build a successful and solid SEO strategy for your software development product using Google+ facilities, the tips given above are just what your need.