10 signs that IT career isn’t for you

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on April 9, 2012

10 signs that IT career isn’t for you
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There are a lot of complaints about the downsides in IT jobs. Anyway, it is pretty common for any kind of job. But what if an IT career is really not for you?

The first thing you have to understand and except is that fact, that work in IT is really tough. Anyone who worked in this field will tell you this. Be sure that if you are too gentle for it, there certainly will be someone who is. Definitely, nobody knows if IT career will be for you or not. But how to understand? This is that kind of job that can, literally, eat you. So it’s better to be prepared for such a thing. Today we want to tell you 10 useful signs, which will allow you to understand if IT is really for you.

1: You don’t have enough endurance

Endurance and patience will be the greatest advantage for work in IT. In the problem situations, which appear in IT pretty often, you can totally lose your mind, because problems in this field usually take a lot of time and attention to be solved. So if you have a lack of patience you’ll either pull out all your hair or simply give up. For a pity, problems with work isn’t the worst thing that will test your patience. The end users are much much much more complicated than technology. So if it is hard for you to communicate with people in stressed situations we have the only one advice: avoid end users, and in the case when this is impossible, it will be better for you to leave IT.

2: There is a lack of will to continue studying

Informational Technology is a constantly evolving field, so there is no other way except learning something new all the time. It can be reading books, or attending workshop, taking class or anything else. There is no reasons how you will provide it, but you need it hardly.

3: You need a set work schedule

You must understand that business must go on anyway, even when servers go down in the middle of the night. So there is no set schedule in this work, work weekends and external hours is common thing. It is a clear writing on the wall if you’re totally not convenient with such a situation.

4: You have no strong love to people

Is there is a strong need to focus on this point? Definitely! IT industry provides products for people (end users). So if you have no sympathy for people, then you shouldn’t consider a career in IT.

5: You lose heart too fast

Situations when you don’t forge until manage the problem is not acceptable in IT, and if you’re okay with that, it’s time to reconsider your decision to work in this field. Surely, sometimes there is situations when an issue goes above your skill set or something is beyond repair.

6: You can upset easily

Even the most unflappable persons can be frustrated here. If you are easily frustrated person you will spend a lot of time with high blood pressure and bad mood.

7: You are not multitasking

Sometimes, doing three or four things at one time is the only way you can get everything done. If this is too much for you, then it will be definitely hard career for you. Certainly, you can try anyway, but this will be much more complicated, than for those who are multitasking.

8: You are going to climb the corporate ladder

If you have dreams to become CEO that would be better for you to consider some other field. Nevertheless, some software development departments can offer a promotion for you, but it will not be a great jump.

9: You dislike technologies

This is pretty weird, but there are some people in the IT who even HATE technologies. If you are feeling really bad surrounded by switches, servers, routers, desktops, and other IT-centric hardware, such work will be not the best place for you.

10: Your phone is turned off at night

This is about your work hours too. The IT job remains in the background all the time, waiting to pull you from family gatherings, romantic date or simply from sleep. So if you’re not comfortable with that, this is a certain sign that career in IT will not fit you.

And conclusion:

Don’t keep this signs to close to your heart, but pay attention if there is few signs that show you that IT is not for you. Think about advantages and disadvantages of this field and make your own decision.