10 Simple Steps for Optimization of Your Social Accounts

QArea Team by QArea Team on January 28, 2014

10 Simple Steps for Optimization of Your Social Accounts
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The world is rocked by social media success of a few companies like Starbucks, Coca Cola and Virgin America. Far more companies desire to succeed on social media yet. The major challenge about this campaign all companies run into is lack of the proved strategy and resources. The major challenge about this campaign all companies run into is lack of the proved SEO strategy and web development resources.

To gain some insight in what to base your social media strategy on, consider the following easy guide of 10 steps which will help you efficiently optimize the social media channels you use.

  1. Analytics

Social media analytics is essential when a evaluating your social profiles’ effectiveness across content format, content type, time of day, topic and other dimensions. You should be always tracking your social media reach, traffic and engagement. Eventually you are to draw conclusions from these to inform the subsequent social sharing on.

  1. Consistent branding

In terms of personal social media usage, it’s recommended to use one profile photo across the social channels. Thus, followers familiar with you on Twitter can recognize you on Youtube. It means the consistent photo breaks the barrier on your way to gaining new followers. When it comes to corporate accounts, use one logo everywhere. Or in case of running a campaign, using one campaign theme on all channels is consistent.

  1. Cross-promotion

Despite your major aim to be useful on each social channel separately, it sometimes makes sense to promote your other accounts on social sites in order to inform your users of your presence elsewhere. Besides, you may incorporate your other accounts to drive more awareness of contests, campaigns, events and other activities you’re running on a specific network.

  1. Engagement

Rather than social media automation, your company’s presence on social channels should be engaging. Only by retweeting, sharing content, commenting, responding and engaging in all ways you can retain the customers.

  1. Following back

After getting a new Twitter follower, what you need to do is verify they’re real and follow them back. Following back on social media is considered a nice gesture. Besides it’s a chance to listen to your followers. Twitter also lets your followers send you a private message that is often an effective customer service channel.

  1. Hyperlinks

You may as well check out the valuable hyperlinks afforded on your Google+ page and take advantage of them. It’s possible to drive clicks for your web site from your social profile views. Besides, the inbound links help in Search Engine Optimization. However, the important thing is to make sure the anchor text of your link aligns with the linked page.

  1. Linking to others

Sharing a post on your social account, make a habit of providing links to both the author and publication. First, your company will get noticed by the author. Second, the author may retweet, follow or give you a response.

  1. Paid advertising

It’s advised to incorporate some paid advertising as well to increase the chances that your fans notice your content, thus helping you extends your social reach to those not following you yet.

  1. Proactivity

Social media users expect you to promptly answer to their comments or issues. That’s why you should be mindful of what they say and respond quickly. If you are late to give an answer the same hour, try at least not to miss the day.

  1. Social trade tricks

Make use of Twitter’s retweets, Google+ Hangouts and other service-specific features of social sites, because after learning these unique things well you’ll master beneficial services of social media for your company more effectively.

To conclude, it’s fair to say that social media can boost tremendous value for your company. That’s why any business striving for social media success needs an informed strategy and social marketing campaign which you can start by implementing 10 steps given above.

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