10 Steps to Effective CTA Design

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on November 26, 2013

10 Steps to Effective CTA Design

A proper call to action is critical for any business company. Though the issue of a perfect CTA design is most relevant for e-mail marketing, it is sure a thing to consider for your website as it has its objectives, too.

You might want to make your users to subscribe to your RSS, read some related articles, fill in your contact form or whatever, but without a well-designed CTA you may never manage it.

So make sure your users understand what you want them to do and ensure they follow your CTA, by performing the following 10 steps for ideal CTA design.

  1. Think about the format that is clickable whether it is a text, an image or a button. Back your CTA link with the relevant form, landing page or download.
  2. Your CTA can be supported by the message with encouraging content. Choose the design elements that can catch the user’s eye.
  3. Remember to choose the CTA color that contrasts with the background and make it fit your palette and your email or site main theme.
  4. Scatter clickable elements across your email or site repeatedly to give your offer more weight and more chances that the user clicks it.
  5. Try a technique of a “bulletproof’ button by combining background colors, HTML text and background images in order to make your CTA button visible even in case images are disabled.
  6. Incorporate some visual cues in the CTA that will make the button more recognizable and helpful.
  7. Ensure you’ve balanced the CTA button’s size with a sufficient amount of surrounding negative space to distinguish your CTA from the rest of the content.
  8. The best location for your CTA button is usually above the fold so that it is visible above the page part that users can scroll.
  9. Your CTA button must be big enough and fonts legible to let the user know what’s expected from them at once.
  10. Add a tint of urgency to your CTA and make sure it sounds clear, simple and persuasive.

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