10 Tips on Using Instagram for Your Marketing Purposes

QArea Team by QArea Team on May 23, 2014

10 Tips on Using Instagram for Your Marketing Purposes
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Instagram is a very popular service for sharing photos mostly used by teens and young people. The site’s used by companies, too.

This article is about the ways of using Instagram for your business marketing and customer engagement.

Tips on promoting your business via Instagram

  1. Tell a story via images

Pictures are the key factor on Instagram and your major marketing instrument. Even if your company isn’t that impressive, think of some great and extraordinary think that happen within your business today and illustrate it with a picture. Every business has some stories with a ‘wow’ factor – you should only find it within yours.

  1. Use video

Short and fast-loading videos are especially appealing as they elicit emotion. Among the ideas you can use are customers saying ‘thank you’, employees talking about their loved job, charity function videos, a look at your production process ‘behind the scenes’ and so on.

  1. Hold a contest

When you need to get users to your site, a good way is to organize a contest. For example, you can tell customers you want them to submit their Instagram images with your products and the winner of the week will get a prize.

  1. Try secret codes

This method uses a contest factor, too. You can put some image with a secret code on the Instagram feed and announce that a person who shows up with it will receive some free gift or discount.

Tips on getting users on your Instagram page

  1. Advertise your contests and codes in the store, on trucks, on invoices, and everywhere that customers can see your business information.
  2. Use your social media platforms that are better developed to encourage people to visit your Instagram feed.
  3. Be intentional about the things you post. It’s usually better to take an hour for one great picture/video than post a ton of some uninspiring pictures just to get something online. You may not be that artistic, but then it’s a good idea to ask somebody from your staff, family, or even hire an employee and pay them a small amount. When it comes to professional business, quality is over quantity. Also take care of the relevant text comments to your posts which are important for your SEO.
  4. Follow others. Try and find some other businesses of your community to follow them. This is sure to give you great insights as well as bring followers to your own page.
  5. Follow big brands. These usually pay agencies big money to build their social media strategy. If you notice a great idea, copy it immediately using your own branding images.
  6. Be realistic. It may take your time and effort to earn a following but when you’re really giving customers something valuable, the results are going to be worth your time.

Of course, you have your business to run, that’s why social media won’t be in the center of the day. But by do a little every day and be sure to see the efforts pay off soon with more and better engaged customers leading to greater sales.

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