12 Data Formats You Can Encrypt In QR Code

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on December 20, 2012

12 Data Formats You Can Encrypt In QR Code

QR code (Quick Response Code) is design for easy object recognition by devices (including web cams of mobile phones) that makes this methodology widely used in trades, logistics and manufacturing. We would like to consider the data formats that can be encoded in QR code.

URL–address. If you want easy achieve discussion regarded the certain product without storage or input of difficult addresses, you can just scan QR code, for example, by your phone and directly get onto the social network page where this product is talked about.

Text. You can encrypt an article, terms of action or description of the product in QR code and post content as this is the most flexible format for posting. And there are impressive requirements – about two A4 format pages.

Image. Small image, rare format, etc. can be easy viewed in full size if you encode it in QR code.

Telephone number. Now phone number can be easy hidden in QR code. To make a call you don’t have to make notes, just scan it using web cam of your phone and enjoy conversation.

SMS. Sometimes you need to send text message in order to participant in lottery, for example. Use your device to send a message directly.

Contact details. In order to get contact details, scan QR code. It will be saved on your device. Such information can be placed on business card or other information formats.

Geo-location. You don’t have to write down an address or seeking for Wi-Fi, easy scan QR code with encrypted geographic data and reach the place from your current location.

Wi-Fi details. QR codes can be really helpful in cafes, restaurants or bars.

E-mail address. Such data as e-mail address and name of the person also can be encrypted in QR code. Thus, you can avoid errors that arise when you are writing address.

Profiles and activities in social networks. Many companies have already started use QR code for promotion that include Like, Tweet with hash tags.

Events. You can encode data regarding some activities or events in QR code. Let people get this information easier by scanning QR code.

Download link. Encrypt direct link in QR code. But it is preferably to specify the description of file (size, type) inside the code.
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Today you can get any type of data encoded in QR code or use this technique in your business to gain greatly facilitates and be step forward your competitors in the market.