15 Lovely Firefox Facilities for Developers

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on December 18, 2013

15 Lovely Firefox Facilities for Developers
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Firefox FacilitiesNot the most popular but not the least loved, Firefox browser is gaining its market share steadily. It’s not easy to give up Firefox once you got used to it, mostly because of its multiple handy and lovely extensions.

Speaking of add-ons, Firefox can boast an impressive arsenal of helpful extensions for developers as well.

Let’s consider the best 15 of them.

  1. Clippings eliminate problems with multiple retyping or copying and pasting of frequently entered text by managing it for later using in Firefox webpage forms, emails and Thunderbird messages.
  2. ColorZilla offers developers to select among advanced features like eyedropper, page zoomer, color picker and others.
  3. CSS validator serves for checking webpage validity.
  4. Firebug can debug, edit and monitor HTML, CSS and JavaScript live on any webpage by integrating with Firefox.
  5. Google Toolbar provides helpful features like bookmarks, quick links, spell check and auto-fill forms which are important for page ranking.
  6. HTMl Validator adds validation of HTML in Firefox and Mozilla displaying the error number found on the viewed site.
  7. IE Tab lets you see how your website would be displayed in Internet Explorer.
  8. KGen allows finding the strongest keywords on the pages you visit and retrieving them for SEO or social sharing.
  9. Pixel Perfect in combination with Firebug enables easy overlay of web composition on top of developed HTML.
  10. Screengrab can save whole webpages as images by taking screenshots of your current screen or its portion.
  11. Scribefire blog editor have all features to let you make easy posting to your blogs on WordPress, Blogger and MovableType.
  12. SEO for Firefox is an absolutely essential plugin incorporating useful data and rankings from Google PageRank, Alexa, Tehnorati to give you insights into Yahoo and Google search statistics.
  13. SpellBound helps you spell check forms like html textarea, input, rich text form and other elements before submitting them.
  14. Web Developer’s Toolbar have all chances to become your favorite plugin. It’s equipped with a toolbar of different tools for webpage validation, analysis and optimization.
  15. With YSlow you can find and correct the slowest component of your page after its analysis based on Yahoo rules on high performance websites.

Using these extensions will make your web development activity as well as your interaction with Firefox more pleasant.