20 Major Mistakes in Software Development

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on June 28, 2012

20 Major Mistakes in Software Development
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Software development has achieved a lot since the days of Binary, Cobol, etc. However, there are mistakes about software development that were performed in the early years of this direction and are still made nowadays. In this article you will find the major mistakes that are still popular in the custom software development practice. You will find it surprising, but none of these mistakes relate to the language itself.

  • Lack of understanding. It often happens that client’s needs are not appreciated enough.
  • Project size comprehension.
  • Neglecting the planning stage or (in the worst cases) forgetting about it at all.
  • Testing issues: forgetting early testing!
  • Neglecting methodology
  • Permitting a software developer to manage a software development project.
  • Team motivation! An uninterested, unmotivated team will bring poor results. If you can’t motivate, don’t even try to become a leader.
  • “Will do it later!” – forget about it! You won’t ever catch up later.
  • Deciding to change the development tools you use in the middle of the project.
  • Lack of management control during the development process.
  • Insufficient level of financial support from high level businesses.
  • Involve people at the end of the software development process, hoping that it will speed up the process. Reckless decision – it will only slow everything down.
  • Forgetting to perform unit testing and no load testing at all.
  • Stressed out developers. If you have already made some of the mistakes of software development, which were discussed above, you would probably inevitably face stressed out developers and would have to cope with them!
  • Insufficiency in error checking.
  • Typos. Sometimes it happens that you get a lot of errors from nowhere, try checking you developers, whether they know the spelling or have to go back to school.
  • Lack of understanding in usage of the software to be installed.
  • Applying global variables here and there. Saying it mildly, it is rather your enemy. You will be surprised how fast it hogs memory.
  • Accomplishing database operations at the application layer rather than database layer. This subjects your database at risk of data security and as a result getting poor data.
  • Ignoring asking for help during the software development. If you are stumped for an answer, do not ever hesitate to ask for help! Nothing is lost for asking!

Make the process of the software development easier, try to avoid these mistakes. However this list looks like very uncomplicated, it can essentially make your life much more comfortable!