20 Tools You Need to Be Using Instead of Basecamp

QArea Team by QArea Team on October 27, 2014

20 Tools You Need to Be Using Instead of Basecamp
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Whenever people are trying to choose the best software for in-house business collaboration and project management, they are inevitably run across or are recommended the Basecamp tool. Well, it’s no wonder as this software is certainly great. It’s surprisingly simple and functional as well as allows the accurate time tracking of tasks and projects and productivity tracking of every member of the team.

But Basecamp is not perfect, just like anything in this world. That’s why businesses and individuals keep searching for something fresh.

As for Basecamp alternatives available online, there are a whole of 20 options for a start, each coming with a number of useful features:

  1. Ace Project provides some expense management and HR features.
  2. Central Desktop offers real-time integration of the central workspace with Microsoft office and has already more than 400 thousand users.
  3. Clarizen gives you an ability to do budgeting, billing, drawing Gantt charts and more.
  4. Comindwork, besides Gantt charts, includes a business wiki.
  5. Deskaway lets you work with timesheets, contacts, calendar as well as micro-blogging status update facility.
  6. EGroupware consists of a range of installable applications such as a calendar app, eMail, timesheet, address book, project management, etc.
  7. Feng office offers time tracking, contacts and calendar features.
  8. Freshbooks is a popular invoicing application used by around 2 million users. It provides time tracking and  task or project management.
  9. Goplan offers an original Twitter-like stream of activity.
  10. Harvest focuses on time tracking and invoicing and is a strong competitor to Freshbooks.
  11. Huddle integrates well with Microsoft Office letting you save your Microsoft files directly into the shared workspace.
  12. Hyperoffice boasts its contact management and a hosted email service.
  13. LiquidPlanner aims to do your project scheduling and time tracking by using analysis and lots of graphs.
  14. Nozbe just gets things done in a comfortable way.
  15. Redbooth features the Twitter-style updates.
  16. Smartsheet’s features list includes CRM, project management and other features focused on using online spreadsheets.
  17. TeamworkPM provides a set of features such as project tracking, productivity monitoring, contacts, calendar, etc.
  18. Wrike boasts a couple of such unique features as the ability to create as well as update your tasks via email, timeline view of the project plans and other.
  19. Xtrant is project platform using the cloud to let users share files, tasks or conversations in one online space in order to avoid email noise and boost accountability. This tool is perfect for you if you like green.
  20. Zoho Projects gives you a great variety of apps on top of the project management, CRM, chat, calendar and wiki features. More than 3 million people find it useful.

This is the shortened list the guys from Time Doctor came up with when analyzing the most popular tools of the kind. Still, there are no doubt many awesome solutions undiscovered by the majority and even more to come. So stay in touch and happy management!

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