2012 Top5 Mobile Developments
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2012 Top5 Mobile Developments

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January 5, 2012
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In 2011 we were able to watch lightning speed in the Mobile development as the competition on the market was very intensive.

What should we expect in 2012? Will we be watching bleeding-edge tech and legal scuffle next 12 months? Here is our prognosis for the five biggest Mobile developments in 2012.

1 Quad-core phones abundance

2011 was a dual-core year and 2012 is going to be the year of quad-core phones. The first will be the HTC Edge with Samsung, LG and Motorola all set to follow suit.

iPhone 5/6 is also expected to land with quad-core smarts inside. That means phones will lightning faster and apps will become snappier. It should prove a number of tech upmanship for hardcore tech fans.


2 iPhone becomes bigger

It is being discussed now and four-inch panels for a next-gen iPhone have already appeared on the market.

A large screen iPhone was expected to be released in 2011. Anyway everything points iPhone 5’s more expansive panel will make an appearance in 2012.

Now when iPhone has a Retina Display, its rivals Windows and Android have something to think about.

3 Windows Phones takes a budget turn

The prospective unveiling of Windows Phone Tango is already being previewed at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona.

An apparent budget approach makes it particularly exciting. The baseline specs are being lowered and Nokia will probably release affordable smartphones with slow-selling operating system.

4 Android on top but fragmentation rules

Now Android has an unassailable position with more than 50% of global share. It`s evident fragmentation concerns will not be fixed by the new Android Ice Cream Sandwich version.

Some of HTC`s line probably will not be updated and Samsung’s Galaxy S2 will not get it at all.

Android is expected to be in the lead but its fragmented state cause consternation among the tech watchers.

5 Apple and Samsung dispute

Talking about patent swaps and Apple kit components will not stop the tech`s legal dispute.

The world will see a lot of technological developments that these two great companies will produce in 2012, except their reconciliation.


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