22 Online Resources to Guide Front-End Developers

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on August 1, 2014

22 Online Resources to Guide Front-End Developers
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If you are one of those people working as a front-end developer in a web development company, you are likely to often need guidance of quality resources and documentation to rely on.

The lucky day for you has come and here are a whole of 22 great resources for you.

  1. Can I Use….. This compatibility table instantly shows you what technology matches what browser.
  2. CSS Values. This projects lets users to easily look up any CSS property to quickly view its possible values.
  3. CSS Vocabulary. This little and functional app is a great reminder of every part of CSS syntax ensuring you are never going to forget a name.
  4. DevDocs. The guide combines a great many of API documentations organized in a quick and very searchable way.
  5. Elements of HTML. This comprehensive chart with XHTML and HTML elements indicates the specification of each element. This is quite helpful for research on deprecation of some elements.
  6. ES6features. This is an overview of ECMAScript 6 spec improvements and innovations which are helpful to get to know since some of the features are likely to be implemented in the upcoming JavaScript engines.
  7. Flexbox Cheat Sheet. This is a rich reference of flexbox syntax and a good way to master other useful tricks.
  8. How To CoffeeScript. This cheat sheet helps much in studying CoffeeScript syntax.
  9. HTML 5 JavaScript API Index. This is a very comprehensive and easy to use guide to search information about HTML5 API.
  10. JavaScript Equality Table. The chart aims to help users better understand double or triple-equals JS operators.
  11. jsCode. The service lets you build your own custom JS coding guidelines as well as look up others’ guides and share yours.
  12. Liquidapsive. Its simple but informational layout uses a select box to let you switch across Adaptive, Responsive, Static and Liquid site formats to show how the site’s changing under these types.
  13. Open Web Reference. This is an alphabetical reference of CSS features and properties with specification links for everything.
  14. OverAPI. These are cheat sheets about almost everything you may need. Lots of links to relevant authoritative resources are provided.
  15. Relevant Spec Links. The service gives users a brief summary of the links they need to know to make a better use of the W3C spec.
  16. Sam Hughes’s tutorial. This extensive guide fairly introduces regular expressions.
  17. Static Web Apps. This guide helps you promote such an architecture which will ease some common development problems with static web apps.
  18. Superhero.js. This collection of great articles, presentations and videos will help you maintain large code bases of JavaScript better.
  19. The HTML Landscape. The W3C document describes the significant differences between the 3 main HTML specifications. It’ll be useful for those who can deal with its technically overloaded style.
  20. The Right Way. The guide is about the best JS practices comfortably introduced to both junior and senior employees of web development companies.
  21. Web Accessibility Checklist. You can check off your various project items for accessibility with this useful reference.
  22. Zeal. With this app, you can search over 130 offline API docs.