3 Amazing Startups Of 2015

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on April 29, 2015

3 Amazing Startups Of 2015
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Oh, the startup industry. So glorious and promising, yet so heartbreaking at the same time. It’s just too hard to keep track on the really important and promising products and projects, but I would love to do that job for you and I do present my little list of personal favorites: the startups you should really keep an eye out for in 2015.

We start with Spire

Entire digital health industry is growing like it just took some of those Wonderland cookies Alice used to become bigger. The market demands fresh new blood as users require new solutions designed to keep them healthy and fit. This is especially vital to areas where a smartphone is more affordable than a visit to a doctor like China or India. However, young startups in this field still must prove their efficiency while Spire will definitely get approved by the FDA (or so I believe). What is this Spiral? It’s basically a nice physical activity tracker which traces movements, breathing patterns and more to display relevant feedback users are looking for in Healthcare Industry tech solutions. The app will also (supposing) boost your focus, activity and relaxation. Count me in with the guys expecting Spire and their Android app which is currently unavailable).


You no longer have to be a designer to create amazing graphics. This is especially relevant in today’s world of various CMS’s that allow easy drag-n-drop functionality for web development. Everybody can easily create a decent website or a blog, whilst graphics remained an issue up until Canva. The website allows amazing design functionality that is both easy and intuitive. They had me after my first visit. Give it a try and use as inspiration in developing solutions people need and desire.


This app is a real timesaver. It converts books into mobile friendly ‘blinks’ that don’t take more than fifteen minutes. This app works with professional books and books that are nonfiction to ensure you have just enough time to study something new and important. Well, count me in, as the solution does seem brilliant. It’s not the best option a scholar can make but is great for busy people that just wish or need to get brief knowledge of some new industry and just don’t have any spare time. They already have more than 500 books displayed and are adding 40 new ones on a monthly basis. Just go ahead and take a look at their free trial. You will probably love it.

Surely only 3 startups cannot fully describe the entire industry, but I do have more where that came from. Please let me know if you want more of such posts through the comment section!