3 Basic Pieces of Augmented Reality Business Knowledge

QArea Team by QArea Team on July 27, 2015

3 Basic Pieces of Augmented Reality Business Knowledge
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AR or Augmented Reality technologies have been present for quite a while now with poor recognition and pathetic business value. Such technologies were mostly used in specialized facilities and engineering companies or were made as pieces of quite average entertainment applications. However after Google announced Google Glass and a large media bang Hololens headset has caused AR is now a viral trend.

What’s in it for businesses?

Software breakthroughs are always moving entire sets of industries forward, but what can AR offer to your own business?

  • You will be a pioneer. This has several drastic head start bonuses. Being first in something innovative can make your company iconic. Like Microsoft once dominated an empty market spot with their Windows OS and became a legend. Secondly your business will not face much resistance as competition is not yet as devastating as in other niches of software development making your job easier. Even simplest solutions may be innovative in terms of AR.
  • AR is an exquisite marketing solution. Lego, Ikea, Pepsi and others have proven its value in increasing brand awareness already. Solutions that trigger AR seem like software taken from pages of science fiction novels and considering such novelty are easily memorized and eagerly shared by users.
  • AR solutions are competitive. Numerous manufacturers are already including AR capabilities into their smartphones and other gadgets. This trend seems to stay viral for keeps. Soon hardware tailored precisely for AR solutions will be released as was announced on Mobile World Congress that took place in pleasant, warm Barcelona. And there are numerous headset manufacturers willing to contribute in this field of creativity as well with their glasses, helmets and even lenses. Ikea’s catalogue is only the beginning.

What else needs to be said? Prepare to embrace upcoming changes!