Top 3 Most Devastating Viruses of the 21st Century

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on October 1, 2015

Top 3 Most Devastating Viruses of the 21st Century

Malware, spyware, ransomware, spam, trojans, worms and thousands of other possible threats are now spread all over the web. Amount of hacked sites, user accounts, computers and servers skyrockets today. Mankind has experienced tremendous downfalls due various software viruses and businesses have lost billions of dollars already due malware. It’s not only development of software that requires effort, precision, accuracy and skill today, but maintenance of solutions as well.

But viruses differ one from another. Some are considerably harmless and present poor threat while others are insanely dangerous predators and catching them comes with serious consequences. And yet we must know our enemy and his likes to know how to manage the threat. Thus, here is a list of the most dangerous, malicious, heart-chilling threats of the 21st century!

  • Conficker Virus. This worm from 2009 has created its own army of zombies! Conficker could crawl into Windows-powered PCs, gainer remote control over them and had an entire botnet of controlled machines that were capable of data theft. This virus was insanely complex and an entire team of collaborating security experts were required to end the menace. Millions of computers were contained and joined the bot army at some point. And there is also the weird part: even though the virus was stopped we still are not aware of its true purpose. It had an army, yet has never used it. So what was the virus meant for? Nobody knows and that’s what makes the worm so creepy.
  • PoisonIvy. This little bugger is an actual nightmare in terms of security. Infected computer falls completely under a hacker’s control. And even worse: all malicious activity remains in the shadows and may even remain undetected. Remote control even grants the hacker with possibility to record video and audio through a webcam, manipulate content, etc. PoisonIvy may seem like something simple users should fear, however this remote-control Trojan was used to infiltrate numerous firms and businesses including even those, involved in national defense.
  • btz. If a virus has forced US government to create a special military department it is definitely worth noticing. This virus spreads through infected thumb drivers and, by the way, served as a trigger for Pentagon to issue a blanket on them. When it was primarily noticed on Pentagon computers a war could have started as it was presumed agent.btz was work of foreign spies. It could steal and transfer data all across the world.

Perhaps you know any dangerous threats that were not mentioned in my little list? Please feel free to share through the comments.