3 E-commerce Automations Your Client Will Only Thank You For

QArea Developer by QArea Developer on March 31, 2015

3 E-commerce Automations Your Client Will Only Thank You For
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Automation is the key to providing better quality services. You will require it for better user experience on your e-commerce platform as you are, besides all, providing services of online purchases and the more comfortable customers are with your website, the easier shopping is for them the better are your chances of succeeding in the market.

But making the choice may be hard and intimidating hence a lot is at stake. Automation has to provide users with ease of shopping and has to actually solve problem they might face instead of simply being there for the record. So let’s quickly run through a short list of automations you may wish implementing in your e-commerce platform. Here are some solutions that have already proven they are working and are doing a great job:

  • Desk: have you ever wondered around a site for answers to your questions about some services or products? Being unaware of details you require may even turn you down from purchasing goods. And then there were sites when you were hitting the spot with an in-tome found forum with ticket submission functionality? That was Desk. This tool will allow you to stay in touch with people that matter most to your business – your customers. This reduces inbound questions amount dramatically as you are providing meaningful answers in an actual live forum. Ticket submission also allows you with macros functionality meaning you will have automated responses to most frequently asked questions. Responses that will be delivered within seconds and will nevertheless have a nice and personalized touch.
  • Shipstation: logistics may be automated as well and this tool after integration with your platform also integrates with your FedEx, UPS, etc. accounts. There will be rules that go by the name of automations that are easily set and allow creation of various required shipping labels and packing slips creation with just one click on the ‘print’ button. This saves lots of tome.
  • Facebook videos: It’s time to automate your marketing for a little bit. Surely Facebook Videos may not be called an automation tool definition however they are automating revenue in an amazing manner, which is nice. Just figure out how you will be using videos in your ad platform context and revenue generation may be considered automated and easily controlled. You are welcome.