3 Simple Hacks That Skyrocket Your Ranking in the App Store

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on April 19, 2016

3 Simple Hacks That Skyrocket Your Ranking in the App Store
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Everyone knows there’s a humongous amount of apps (~1.5 million!) in the App Store. But only a chosen few know that 63% of apps are discovered via random browsing. Even fewer people use this as an advantage.

Chart visualizes importance of App Ranking Optimization in App Stores

Would you like your app charted as an all-star user’s favorite? Sure, as would anybody. But there’s one major challenge you’ll succeed at before fame, recognition, billions of dollars and bathtubs filled with champagne.

People have to see your app in all of its blazing glory. You may believe your solution is awesome by default (which it definitely is). However:

  • You love your app too much to be a fair judge;
  • People have lots of other amazing applications to choose from;
  • Internet has spawned major trust issues. We no longer believe in all the shiny glitters out there.

Fix these 3 challenges with but one insanely productive solution – ASO

Do you ASO? Now that’s a weird question to ask a stranger but hey, my name’s Alex. See, you know me. We are friends. And I certainly want the best for you. By the way, ASO stands for App Store Optimization.

Or, in other words, ASO is a set of activities you undertake to boost traffic incomes to your app’s App Store homepage. And your primary objective is narrowed down to app downloads.

ASO is not rocket science. A tiny tweak here, some adjustments there, a few secret practices and a slice of creativity is all you’ll ever need. Plus there’s icing on the cake: few developers and start-ups care enough to research what will happen to their app after release. This might give you a simple, stylish and yet unfair advantage over competitors.

Sounds neat, doesn’t it?

I mean, being on top and in a place where 63% of users find their favorite apps sounds like a business opportunity no man can neglect. Here are some steps for the never-ending journey of success and prosperity.

Many available apps make it hard to have great app rankings in an app store without App Ranking optimization

So, how does one ASO?

To make the long story short: you either use ASO to your advantage, or you lose an enormous audience of potential users, clients and customers. We get that part. We want ASO. We want it now, don’t we?

– But where do we start?
– Why at the beginning, of course.

Your title is one of ASO’s primary levers. You want a keyword in it. You want it bad. And it can’t be just any relevant word from your list, because the title will bring in the lion share of search traffic.

You might not get your best keyword in from the start and it might not seem like a big deal, right? You can always A/B test and achieve better results, right? Wrong. Changing the title or even one key word in it later on can:

Demolish your ranking;
Waste the word of mouth effect.

Hack 1: Keywords – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Your keywords must be well researched and labeled as primary and secondary. Ones will get more traffic, others are easier to be ranked with. In either case you should know everything about them.

Imagine a situation when something’s been trendy for a while. Like GoPro for example. It may look like a great idea to monetize on the fame of others, but here’s the catch: buzzwords (and GoPro is already a buzzword among other things) are everywhere.

There’s a hell load of great content out there that Google or any other search algorithms will find more worthy than your fresh piece of material. And these algorithms will display trustworthy materials on the first, second and even the third page of search results (yes, there are daredevils who go that far).

Your app probably won’t make it that close. That means no one will see it. Hence no downloads, ratings and recognition.

Here are a few recommendations for your keyword research:

  • List out topics that are of most importance to your business;
  • Brainstorm something people might google based on your topics (or use specialized software like HubSpot’s tools and Google Keywor
    ds Planner, etc.);
  • Research the related terms bar in Google’s search results;
  • Look up some long-tail keywords for better ranking (it’s easier to be #1 with “applications for media startups” than a simple “apps for startups”);
  • Check out how your competitors rank for chosen words;
  • Cut down your list with Google’s AdWords;
  • Enjoy success.

How good, bad and ugly keywords affect app ranking optimization in App Stores

Hacks 2 & 3: A simple word, even when on point, is not magic!

There is a variety of factors that go beyond keyword stuffing and give ASO a nice, polished look. There are two highly important details that follow straight after SEO optimization. Those are:

  • Total Downloads: it relies on branding and marketing, but is a crucial part of ASO. When a person casually wanders around and sees your app – that person needs actual proof of your value. That’s why boosting your downloads counter is major relevant! Invest into some PPC campaigns across Google and Social Media from the start and keep the meter ticking. At least until word of mouth and organic traffic & downloads are visible.
  • Reviews and Ratings: This element relies on in-app optimization. If you are looking for positive reviews – you are to share a bond with every user. Be loveable. Fix issues. Encourage direct communications and assign someone who will listen and talk to clients.

Yes, ASO requires time and effort. But it’s relatively simple and the ROI is amazing. Give it a shot, have some patience. Your app will stand out from the crowd and it will shine with remarkable inner glory.Applications with 5 star ratings are among results of appropriate App Store Optimization