3 Ideas That May Change The World Into Something Even Greater!

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on September 10, 2014

3 Ideas That May Change The World Into Something Even Greater!
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Let’s think through several ideas occurring existing issues and just try as much as we can in solving those. I believe that it will be a neat experience. For everybody. Software development is not the only field here, yet it is one of the major ones. We should be proud.

Issue 1 – clumsy robots

Nowadays robots are not something Hollywood is constantly showing (I don’t mean all those action movies with total robot domination) thus they do not actually meet our expectations. One of the major reason of their ineffective appeal is that they lack vision. The thing all humans take as granted. Simple sight is what anybody (or practically anybody) is using on a daily basis without even noticing.

The solution seems to be as simple as it gets – making appropriate software for the installed cameras. Something that will be transforming the picture into digital data your robot will be understanding. Tons of work are already done in this field by various teams of experts and there is a colossal progress. This combination of cams and software is a splendid solution that is almost ready in its ultimate form. Yet there is still place for creativity.

So how would you solve this?

Issue 2 – road safety

Getting injured while sickling actually sucks. There definitely has to be a warning system of some sort. An actual smartphone system that uses GPS as well as Wi-Fi Direct is being currently developed by QUt’s center of Accident Research and Road Safety. The app will be looking for data from people using the same application. When found the two of them will begin sharing data on their users locations. Thus drivers will be receiving warnings within a 10-15 second period of time. Enough to avoid some trouble. That is one solution.

How would you be solving this puzzle?

Issue 3 – Video Games are evil

Video Games do tend to get some negative feedback as well as press. Thus their value is simply underestimated. Games are bad all the media continues to shout out loud. And all the world’s parents tend to believe that because TV never lies, right?

All of you may relax and take a deep breath. Games are not harmful. They even are bringing positive effects on a person. They do increase vitality, make you more confident and competent. They make you engaged. How to use all that?

One of the finest ideas of making world better is implementation of the main principals of gaming that are actually influencing you to become better in real life, like trainings or even more. Banking systems, healthcare need you to be more engaged.

How will you be managing this idea?