3 Things to Pay Attention to In Your Global Travel App
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3 Things to Pay Attention to In Your Global Travel App

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Maks CTO
April 28, 2015
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So you are up to something big, right? An application that covers the entire globe, is multi-lingual, accurate and easily accessible is an app few companies and businesses may be proud to have. There are various reasons to this, but, primarily, development of such a solution is difficult as hell. It’s not impossible or unimaginable, it’s just really hard and non but true experts, even artists, I’d say, can deliver a solution of such scale without any loss in quality.

However there are multiple things that can be done to assist you with such an ambiguous task. This blog post, for example. However all you must and need to know will not fit here or in any other solo source of information I will still give it a shot and I will try to highlight everything that may be of critical importance. However you are free to contact our managers for more additional information, advise, consulting and estimations of your projects if you wish to. Let’s start with what your audience is expecting from a premium-class solution:

  • Information that is easily accessible and constantly available no matter the circumstances
  • Increase in mobility and clear guidance’s on various subjects
  • Data, available in the native tongue of the person using your solution
  • Data designed in a clear and understandable manner thus all nationalities may gain from all of it

Wow, that sounds tricky?

So you should definitely consider the following three things for better reach and decent quality of the solution you are willing to develop:

  • What’s your platform strategy? Both Apple and Android (and Windows mobile in the best case scenario) seem like a reasonable investment as you will receive wider reach and some platforms are just more popular than others in various countries. I have been to Poland, for example, and I was surprised: almost everybody there has a Windows powered Lumia. However, if your budget is tighter or, for some other reasons, most your users are using Apple or Android devices there is no point in going wild with all possible platforms. There are simply too many of them. Just do your homework and determine which OS’s are in your top priority.
  • What will the features you are providing users be? Best-selling apps are usually simple and are designed to resolve one particular issue majority of travelers face like booking a hotel or purchasing a ticket without extra haste or inconveniences. Simplicity is actually the key to all mobile apps as, despite smartphones are great, their screens are far less convenient 9in wide functionality terms) that keyboards.
  • And there is the content strategy. Not everything is understandable and applicable to every single person on the globe. There may be things like some humor or catch phrases that are common at your region but are unknown or may even be offensive to other cultures. You should always keep that in mind as the fact that not everybody is an English speaker. And even if your app has multiple language choices, are all translations accurate and understandable to the end-user? This brings us to the fact that less is better. The less words or buttons your app has the easier for you it will be to allow all content is acceptable in all languages. A nice big “book a ticket’ button on a well-designed background will work for you better than a thousand words and possible routes end-users may take.

Keep up to these three clear guidelines and you will end up with a great applications users will love and use in their travels.


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