3 Types of CRM to Improve Relationship with Your Clients

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on November 13, 2012

3 Types of CRM to Improve Relationship with Your Clients

Customer Relationship Managements (CRM) is widely implemented software for automation system of interaction with clients in order to raise sales and common level of delivering services, to improve marketing approach, to store information about the customers, to automate reporting and analysis and for other valuable reasons.

Let’s talk about three broad classifications of CRM:

Operational CRM

This aspect of CRM is focused on automation of customer-facing process. Operational CRM enables registration and prompt access to primary information by such categories as events, companies, projects and contacts. This operational application makes interaction with customers more efficient. There are many tools available, let’s list the most common ones:

  • Contact management tools that reduce costs by using media based communication channels in order to make the process more efficient;
  • Channel management tools are used to improve the channels of delivering products and to better understand the principles of collaboration between company and its customers;
  • Content management tools allow selecting the information about various processes that will be available for your customers.

Analytical CRM

This application of CRM aims to improve reporting and analysis of information in different aspect. Thus, segmenting customers helps to easy satisfy them. A company can be aware of the best or worse clients, how they can be retained or someone new to be attracted and the methods of improvement profitability of clients as well. This app of CRM is composed of various components in order to make analysis easier.

Collaborative CRM

This CRM aims to work closely with clients and end customers to make them feel their influence and power. There are some opportunities can be used by managers:

  • making polls in order to change the quality of a product or service,
  • creating Web pages to let customer track an order status,
  • SMS notification of events related to the order or personal account,
  • the ability to order and configure their products and services in real-time,
  • other online opportunities.

If you are interested in improving the relationship with your clients you can learn more about Benefits business can gain from CRM.