4 UX Mobile App Design Tips-&-Tricks

Anna Khrupa by Anna Khrupa on April 10, 2015

4 UX Mobile App Design Tips-&-Tricks
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What choice do they have?

Smartphone and tablet owners have enormous markets where they download or purchase applications. The variety of choices is colossal. If you want to build a rocket and travel to Mars with warp engines and air conditioning included there is probably an app for that already. More than a million applications are available in Apple Store alone. And there is still Google’s Play Market that is quite richer in terms of application amounts hence has more loose approval policy. Are all of those applications used and successful? Barely.

There are multiple reasons why applications are failing. Too many to list in one book even not mentioning a blog post, however one of the major ones is foul UX Design. I have decided to provide you with some vital information about this aspect of overall application development and truly hope you will gain from this knowledge. Here are four UXD tips that are a must-know to anyone in the app industry:

  • First launch has to be light and simple. Do not bombard your users with various questions and fields they need to fill before they get a piece of your app. Sure you require all that data for multiple reasons however you can wait some time to gain it and if a user leaves to some else solution you will gain nothing at all and not even after a while.
  • Intuitiveness is a key to your app success. If users will be looking to long for a particular feature in your app perhaps it would be easier for them to just download a different solution? Effective screen hierarchy planning is a nice practice you should always consider.
  • Be careful with popups and notifications. They are nice means for marketing and all but only say something when you have valuable things to say. Best choice are time-dependent messages that are of value to your users. Otherwise your application would simply be frustrating at the very least.
  • Your looks are your everything in the app industry. You may have rich and robust content and exclusivity functionality that cures cancer and common cold but if the app is ugly it will not be staying for long. However design cannot be heavy as over-designed apps are even worse in terms of usability that their functionality-only partners. Make sure you keep the layout clean and simple and you have 90% covered.

It is amazing how these 4 simple tips tend to improve overall application development. Thy surely seem obvious however you would be surprised how many people are not following them. Alas…