4 Whales Of Any Software Company

QArea Team by QArea Team on October 13, 2014

4 Whales Of Any Software Company
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In my opinion there are four whales that are the foundation of every successful outsourcing software development company. And they are to be equally sized in order for the platform on which the company is standing to maintain balance. What are those whales?


You can’t win all by yourself. A human body needs rest while business never stops. A trustworthy team is what the doctor is ordering any business to take before, in the middle and after the process is on the flow and the software is released. There will be many difficulties as you will be crafting your team from zero. Several developers in the beginning, then marketing and advertising specialists, QA department. The team will keep growing with every successful sale you are making. Thus you are to be prepared to:

  • Interview people in the appropriate way
  • Gathering as much info about them in social networks
  • Saying ‘No’ often
  • Making the right decisions based on limited information you have at your disposal

All that needs to be done from the very start as if you are constructing something great, trustworthy people are to be along your side in order for everything to turn out great.


That is true that many developers and especially startups’ are neglecting marketing and treating it as something created by the devil himself. A bad idea if you are truly willing to make the revolution in something people are used to. Sure your idea and software may be brilliant, yet it’s worthless if nobody knows about it. Even if there is somebody who has heard about you he will most likely stick with whatever he was using before as it’s in his comfort zone for a while now. Approach marketing as if it is a real engineering discipline. Become good at it and go straight forward to your little industrial revolution.


No money, no honey. You will be hearing that often. So you have a team, a marketing department, and some people willing to have a bite of your goodness. Yet your team needs food and money to pay for rent, when users wish some software rather than just a glimpse at it. Plus they are not too fond of paying extra, when you actually love seeing several new zeros on your accounts. And even software of the highest quality does not sell itself. Who will be persuading your users that you are offering a deal both sides will be gaining from?

  • Respect your customer
  • Respect his time
  • Don’t become that sleazy sales guy
  • Study hard to be good at sales until your sales department is not in place
  • Never neglect the opportunity of influencing a potential customer’s buying decision


The final whale is the decision of how much is your time and effort worth. How much will you be charging people for your software? This is a difficult question as no matter how great your software is people will not be paying a lot of money for it. As they are just not ready to emotionally. And there are cheaper (yes, they are worse) equivalents of what you are offering. And if the price is too low, the entire business might not be rentable at all! Thus think twice before going for the final price you will sell your brain-child for.

Those are the whales you are never to forget with any business you have in your mind.