4D introduces platform for building Web-based business apps

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on June 10, 2011

4D introduces platform for building Web-based business apps
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Web-based business apps

The open source Wakanda technology of the company is a combined environment that is based on JavaScript.

On Wednesday development tools vender 4D is presenting an open source, end-to-end JavaScript platform that is called Wakanda, it is intended to provide easier way to create Web-based business applications.

Today at a prelaunch stage, the Wakanda is created as an environment unified and based on JavaScript. As Laurent Ribardiere, the founder, president and CTO of 4D said that is a development platform which is realy JavaScript on all sides. When you build an application you implement everything in JavaScript.

Wakanda is going to be due for common availability by the end of the year, foregone by a beta release program. The Wakanda Server’s platform features that present a faceless HTTP server together with datastore and datastore engine, theWakanda Studio that is featuring a front-end and visual datastore design tools and a code editor, and also Wakanda Framework with standard and widget-based data sources which are feeding them.

Developers have the opportunity to author applications like medical applications and data-driven Web applications. Applications are drawn in HTML that allows access by means of a desktop browser or a mobile browser. The Wakanda’s server component runs on Windows, Mac and Linux. As Ribardiere said, Wakanda offers many benefits in ease-of-use. It is not necessary for developers to deal with the platforms’ complexity such as Java, Microsoft’s .Net or any other JavaScript technologies.

The Wakanda’s prelaunch version is available on the Wakanda website. It will be offered by means of a dual-license structure, together with possibility of developers to access either a subscription-based commercially licensed version ore an open source version. The commercial product will have support services. The name Wakanda has been derived from a term Sioux for “inner magic”, as 4D said on its website.