5 Ecommerce Strategies to Prepare for 2012 Holiday Season

QArea Team by QArea Team on October 23, 2012

5 Ecommerce Strategies to Prepare for 2012 Holiday Season
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If you have the own online store you should start preparation for 2012 Holiday season right now. We advise you to start with answering next questions:

  • Who are your prospective clients?
  • What they are looking for the Holiday season?
  • How can you make these things easy to find?

To gain from these events you need to be aware of the last trends and techniques in eCommerce field. So let’s give you some tips to make your online business successful.


Search engine optimization is the most important step for your business if it is coming to ecommerce. Your prospective client will never find you if the search engine won’t show you. Try to create natural ranking not paying for it. Increasing your ranking with social media can take months, that’s why it is important to start as soon as it possible. Provide your customers with thematic content about interesting gifts to suite all tastes.


This marketing strategy can also help you to gain higher conversions. We suggest you to find professional in PPC if you have not ever met with this. There is no much time to spend on learning.

Comparison Shopping Engines

CSE also need some time to be configured, optimized and managed. You should compare shopping engines to set a budget. Determination of CSE model will help you to determine which engines are free or not in order to base your budget on that information.

Mobile Commerce

Don’t miss out on sales! We are talking about mobile commerce only because this field shows huge raises every holiday. Just think about it, more than 40% of consumers own smartphone and more than a half of this amount is going to use them for shopping.

Innovative Site Search

This is very important option on your website which is overlooked very often. Make sure your customer can easy find the needed model, color, price, etc. This is a problem that needs to be solved because many prospective clients leave your website because of inconvenience of site search.