5 Home Page Design Improvements for Higher Conversions

QArea Team by QArea Team on November 26, 2013

5 Home Page Design Improvements for Higher Conversions
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If you have a store in the street, you usually hide people to guide customers across your establishment. But in case with a web store this role is taken on by your home page design that should be perfectly intuitive and simple to provide customers with as good help.

In this article we feature 5 major factors and their precise improvements you should make in your home page design that will help you boost your conversions significantly.


As for home page banners, it’s better to avoid rotating or flashy ones as they worsen readability, raise bounce rates and weaken overall user experience greatly, and give preference to static banners. Ensure that their color contrasts the rest of the content on the page and is of proper width to deliver your site’s prominent message in both image and text. Ensure that the CTA (call to action) button is highlighted as well.

Navigation Menu

Try not to wave from standards while building this essential section. The navigation menu’s contact tab should be placed on the very right of the main bar. The navigation tabs and titles should be simple and similar to those that people are used to.


On the home page certain areas should be more highlighted than on others since the aim is to focus customers’ attention on areas most likely to bring conversions. The colors of the main menu, title, the logo, images, supporting text and CTA should make a pleasant impression from the aesthetic point of view. It’s recommended to pick 3-4 key shades for your home page with one of them black or white. Here some tools which can help to choose the right color palette for the website: Adobe Kuler, Color Sccheme Designer.


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The placement and size of home page images should be consistent. The image of the main product is better to put above-the-fold. Place some comments or description around the images to make their meaning clear. Make sure the image content is relevant to its message. Stick to the convention of placing a logo in the top left corner. A good idea is to have a picture of a person pointing at your CTA.

Title and Supporting Text

Avoid the title that sounds like an advertisement. Make it short and focused. See that its message is user-oriented. Use some supporting text if your title cannot completely explain your message. Make it short, conversion-aimed, readable and smoothly colored.

If you are not sure that your home page design works, refer to usability testing to define the causes of bounce rates and improve conversions of your home page.