5 Impressive Stories of People Who’ve Made Tons of Money in the Internet

QArea Team by QArea Team on June 27, 2014

5 Impressive Stories of People Who’ve Made Tons of Money in the Internet
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I proudly present five of real live examples of people getting indecently rich without even leaving their homes.

  1. Justin Bieber. Yes, the very same Justin, that singing kid, he’s the one I’m talking about. Although he is now a world-famous pop star he started low. He was one of those kids that film their own singing and post it on YouTube you constantly laugh at. But it worked, he was noticed by some producers and now he has fans, fame and money. Pretty much everything a teenager can dream about.
  2. Jacquie Lawson. A respectful woman of 62 years, a caring mother and a loving grandmother created the market leader in on-line greeting cards. She was working as a freelance artist for all her life until she got a hold of her first PC in the year 2000. After a couple of weeks of failure in Macromedia Flash she has created her first greeting Christmas card and sent it to some of her friends and it became viral. After returning home from a short trip she had more than a thousand letters with requests for more cards. Shortly a small site was born that was gaining more and more popularity until it became the markets leader. So now it’s worth a whole bunch of money.
  3. Felix Kjellberg. Who says you can’t earn money while having fun? You are lazy, you don’t want to get out on the air or you simply love video-games? Then go for it. You can get over 20 million subscribers on you tube by simply filming and commenting your gaming experiences. All you need is a powerful PC, a good sense of humor and you’re pretty much ready to go. Proven by Felix Kjelberg AKA PewDiePie.
  4. Yun Ye, the domain collector. This guy became a legend, when he sold his portfolio of 100.000 domain names for 164 million dollars in 2004. His story begins when he graduated from the University of Maryland in 1998. That’s when he began building his domain collection. He devoured thousands of expired domains, domains which names the previous owners decided not to renew or simply forgotten. They were pretty much useless back at the day, and all one could do with them is resell to somebody else. But things have changed when advertisers started to pay for every visitor PPC (Pay Per Click) services have offered, and that was Yun’s queue.
  5. Ethan Nicholas. Some money trouble and the right motivation can put you on the path to success. And so it happened to Ethan when he and his wife were experiencing some financial difficulties. Ethan was a software developer that never worked with iPhones but, as everybody he heard about apps that bring millions to their creators. So he gave it a shot. In a couple of weeks of non-stop work (he did have to work after his main job working hours) he had a nice shoot-em-up game like the ones he enjoyed while being a kid and it worked. iShoot has earned him a 1000 dollars on the first day and about 35K per month when it was on its peak.

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