5 Incredible Benefits of Using a Website Builder

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on July 31, 2014

5 Incredible Benefits of Using a Website Builder
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Websites are an integral piece of any organization’s sales and marketing strategy, offering a place for consumers to view vital information, find out how to contact you or even set up an appointment or make a purchase. Without a website, your organization is living in the Stone Age of communication and availability. But having a website built by a professional can be costly. Plus, giving up control of your organization’s image and branding message might not be something you wish to do.

Obviously, the solution in this case is to build your own website. Luckily, a website builder provides a simple way for anybody with computer access to build a website, even if they have no prior clue what they are doing.

5 Reasons You Should Use a Website Builder to Build Your Websites

Here are some of the key benefits that you’ll receive when you use a website builder to create your website:

  1. The Drag and Drop Builder. Building a website from scratch requires knowledge about HTML coding unless you have a drag and drop builder at your disposal. Drag and drop builders are exactly what they sound like. You simply pick the elements that you want on your site from a list on the left, then click on them, drag them over to your website template (see number 2 below) and drop them where you want them to be. This simply drops the proper per-written HTML coding into the template with you having to actually write the code. If you’ve ever dragged a document to an email or file, then you can build a website. Selections for dragging and dropping include things like picture slideshows where you upload pictures, content boxes where you write content, contact forms, galleries, maps, etc.
  2. Professional Templates with Latest Technology. Templates are in fact the way your website appears to the customer. They provide a frame, structure, background colors and designs for your website. The templates on website builders are all professionally designed, meaning they are optimized for mobile viewing and have all the proper HTML and CSS coding that you need to run a smooth, efficient website. Simply use the drag and drop builder to place each element of the site where you want it on the template, fill in your content, upload pictures and you’re all set to launch.
  3. Built-In SEO Tools. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is critical for your website to be found by your clients and leads. Without SEO, your site will gain minimal search traffic. Only people who type in your direct web address or really get lucky will stumble upon your site. In order to get more traffic (i.e. more business) to your site, website builders have built-in SEO tools that allow you to optimize your site with ease. They walk you through the process step by step, telling you exactly what you need to put, where. Outside SEO services can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, so this is a huge advantage for organizations that use website builders.
  4. Blogging Platform. Blogs are also critical for gaining traffic to your site. Since blogs can be optimized to rank on search engines by including keywords, phrases and topics, they will draw more traffic to your site. But even better, blogs are sharable on social media and other platforms, opening up new avenues for web traffic as well as increasing brand awareness and interaction with your organization. Website builders have simple to use and optimize blog platforms meaning your blog will have as much leverage for virality as one you pay professionals to write — minus the cost.
  5. Lower Costs. And the lowered costs and increased savings don’t stop there. To have a professional design, build, optimize and maintain your website, you need hundreds to thousands of dollars per month. That’s a lot of revenue coming out of your pocket. Instead, a website builder allows you to pay a minimal fee, walks you through each of the steps, provides you with the equipment that professionals have, makes it super simple to use and increases you savings by putting revenue right in your pocket via website traffic.       In this way, website builders help you save money.

What is the Best Website Builder to Use

Depending on your skill level, website builders differ in what they can offer you. For the advanced website builders out there, you might not need a website builder at all since you can code the site yourself. For those that are just starting out with their first or second website and are looking for an easy way to get a professional website up and running quickly without paying an exorbitant amount of money, explore the various options available online and choose the best website builder that works for you.

To sum up, when it comes to deciding on a website builder and a professionally designed website, the decision solely rests on the site owner’s needs and budget. A website builder will be perfect for a site owner limited by budget and other resources whereas if you’re looking for a customized approach along with continuous support to build a site that can withstand quite a few online forces it’s always advisable to go for professional website development. There may not be a simple answer to this debate as the choice actually depends on a wide range of parameters to choose from.