5 Major Obstacles to Your IT Initiative Success

QArea Team by QArea Team on May 7, 2014

5 Major Obstacles to Your IT Initiative Success
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You probably know such situations when companies come up with some bright innovative ideas, but fail to realize them successfully.

Here are 5 things that are going into the way of IT businessmen preventing them from bringing their innovations to life, and how to handle them.

1. Too Optimistic Budget Estimates

If you are developing a large IT project, it’s recommended to get three independent budget estimates also including one from your outside consultant. Average these, then add some 10% contingency in the budget and additional time for project completion. The best thing you can do is call your industry peers and benchmark your IT project costs to schedule with the actual implementations.

2. Ineffective Project Management

Get a habit to monitor and inspect, trust but verify. Requesting periodic independent reviews on project quality from external consultants and other IT leaders is also a good idea. While having critical projects it’s good option to engage with some external consultants and make them carry out independent management of project or program throughout the project.

3. Insufficient Vendor Commitment

Always meet with the vendor account salesperson as well as the vendor’s director. You need to review all the major project dependencies of the vendor and clarify how they are going to support your project. A monthly steering committee should be held with the participation of both vendor executives. An important thing to do is to review your vendor statement of work and verify it’s actually complete and matches your project plan and expectations.

4. Insufficient Business Commitment

You should ensure your commitment to the business process in the following order:

  • Understand all affected business processes. ”As-Is” processes should be inspected and “To-Be” processes clearly developed.
  • Obtain the signoff from the VP who represents your business customer organization.
  • Start developing test cases to test your IT effort and user acceptance issues, including some stage gates for any specific go-live factors. User acceptance testing leads should be employed full-time and come from some affected business organizations.
  • Hold at the least 3 dry implementation runs with the full data conversion. Personally review the working and problematic areas after each successful run.

5. Ignoring Performance Issues

You should develop and obtain the business signoff on all specific ”go-live” criteria including the number of current defects. Make it a rule to perform executive conference calls that are leading either up to or throughout the cutover weekend in order to monitor the project status. Review the progress against the “go-live” criteria. Make sure the development doesn’t proceed until these criteria are met.

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