5 Reasons to Hire eCommerce Developers

Andrew M. by Andrew M. on June 23, 2020

5 Reasons to Hire eCommerce Developers

In 2019, eCommerce sales surpassed $360 billion in the United States alone. With all the global developments and challenges humanity has to adapt to today, the eCommerce industry is growing ever so rapidly and so does the number of SaaS eCommerce platforms—all with their own advantages and drawbacks in capabilities, compatibilities, and customization. And while most small and steady businesses are doing just fine with basic online stores built on platforms such as BigCommerce, Shopify, and Squarespace, companies with a plan to effective growth and a strong desire to establish a recognizable brand require a lot more than the basic functionality you can set up yourself. 

To build a successful, future-proof online store, they rely on the vast experience and tech skills of professional eCommerce developers. And here are the main reasons why.


Exclusive design and features tailored to your business

It’s pretty hard to stand out among the many other online stores on a popular eCommerce platform. Free or paid, the majority of those stores already use the very same best and most popular templates, themes, and modules available on the platform. Even though those themes allow some customization, it is limited to things like fonts, images, and background colors. There’s nothing exclusive about those stores which makes it a huge challenge for them to build a strong brand identity and provide customers with a unique shopping experience.

With eCommerce software development, however, you can present your business in the best light possible. A development team can create a custom design for your digital storefront to boost your recognition. From catalog management to checkout, they can equip your online store with exclusive, memorable features that will engage your customers the way you want. With a custom solution, you will no longer be restricted to a range of generic templates and features.

Optimized functionality and better performance

Standard online store building platforms are usually full of performance and usability flaws—templates littered with excess features you can’t get rid of, modules with compatibility issues, conflicting integrations, etc. All these drawbacks lead to longer page loading times, poor user experience, and errors. 

An experienced team will ensure top performance of your online store by eliminating code complexity and preventing conflicts between components. They will seamlessly integrate all the required third-party features, help improve SEO, and optimize your digital storefront’s performance to every device and platform. Boost in performance and smooth functioning will lead to higher conversion rates, longer session duration, and imminent growth in customer satisfaction.


Flexible customization and scalability

As your business grows and the eCommerce market evolves with new design and technology trends, you will undoubtedly want to extend your online store with new features and integrations. Unfortunately, it is pretty hard to do using a simple store building platform as it has its limitations. You either need to completely revamp your existing website or you risk breaking the store with an incompatible integration which leads to downtime, lost revenue, and other damages.

A professional eCommerce software development company has extensive knowledge of technology and market trends which enables them to build your online store with the future in mind. This gives your business unlimited growth opportunities and flexibility in fulfilling fresh ideas, following the latest trends, and utilizing revolutionary technology. With custom development, you will have complete freedom in adding your digital storefront with new features and integrations to meet new business goals.

Setup, maintenance, and support

Even with a basic store in mind, building one can be a pretty sophisticated task if you don’t have the appropriate experience. There are many different components and integrations that need to be properly set up and thoroughly tested before the launch. Otherwise, there are many ways things can go terribly wrong with even the smallest update or tweak.

With a team of qualified eCommerce developers, you can be confident that building your online store and adding it with new features will be smooth as butter. Every new addition or change in the looks and functionality of your digital storefront will be thoroughly tried and tested in a safe environment before deployment. Professional support and maintenance will eliminate the risk of downtime, potential errors, and security flaws in the live version, keeping your store robust and ready for traffic loads of customers willing to buy your products.

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Store migration

Last but not least, there may be a day when your current eCommerce platform can no longer satisfy the needs of your growing business. That is the day when you start looking for better opportunities by migrating your store to a different eCommerce platform or to your own custom website. If migration is indeed the best solution to the new challenges your business is facing, then conducting it is better left to a team of professionals. Thus, all your store data is guaranteed to be consolidated and transferred to a new platform without any loss, damage, or security issues.

Whether you are running an eCommerce business or only planning on setting up one, QArea is a team of dedicated professionals ready to help you prevail over any technical challenges you may have encountered in the process. Just reach out to us with the matters at hand, and we’ll be happy to provide the answers!

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