5 Rules to Follow When You’ve Become a Manager For the First Time

QArea Team by QArea Team on September 29, 2014

5 Rules to Follow When You’ve Become a Manager For the First Time
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Being a manager for the first time is always scary, because now you are the person who’ll be ruling and making the decisions for a group of people. That’s certainly a lot of responsibility for a first-timer and far from all decisions are going to be actually right. That’s why, to make yourself safe from too much worrying, you need to learn how to accept your mistakes and be ready for new initiatives.

Too many people by now have fallen into the same traps for you to repeat their mistakes in your own work life, and now you need only a recap of the main rules those management mistakes have taught us.

There are 5 of them:

  1. Learn By Asking Questions

Every organization runs a bit differently, and thus you won’t be able to translate to the new company what worked in your previous one. To bridge these differences and get familiar with your current workplace faster, you need only to ask more questions to people both inside and outside your department. Every employee who’s been working there longer than you will have many insights to share with you and, luckily, most of them will be happy to help you get tuned and gain speed at the new place. Besides, they’ll also be curious to get to know you and see what their new manager is all about.

  1. Be Proactive

In your present position you are no longer to just do what the boss tells you – quite in the opposite, now you are the boss which means you are responsible for finding ways for your staff to reach some broader team goals. For instance, social managers are involved into defining just the right initiatives for their social media channels, Twitter campaigns, or Facebook strategy so that to direct their teams along the execution of these.

If you spot anything your company lacks – like, not having a Google+ account while there’s a good opportunity for it there – just go ahead and make it happen, because your job is exactly about finding such gaps and then fixing them effectively, rather than wait for the boss to ask you about it. The worst thing that can happen to you in your position is that in the long run your new initiative won’t finally win, but that’s OK, because doing nothing is far worse than doing, failing and learning something from that.

  1. Keep Your Passion Up

Steve Jobs said, to be successful, you have to be hungry for work. The thing is your “honeymoon” period at work will end after some time and it’ll be OK, too. But to keep being effective, you need to constantly sustain your passion for daily work.

So, to stay always excited and engaged, try to keep up your learning appetite. Read everything that meets your eye about what you do and take from those reads as much as you can. Your work is sure to get more interesting for you when you’re often trying fresh ideas and use them for pushing you and your team to success.

  1. Slow Down and Be Realistic

Having even more ideas than you can bring to life for a given period of time is great and not worth your stress. As a manager you need to have a clear vision of where you’re leading your team, but at the same time you shouldn’t work yourself to death and see your job in nightmares. Take your time and remember to rest. And oh, you should care that your team isn’t stressed out because you’re trying to implement too many ideas and make everything perfect now and there, too.

Instead of hurrying to get everything done now, learn to manage your everyday time. Give yourself just enough space for possible last minute meetings, lunch get-together, or sudden assignment without being behind your schedule. Because you’ll see the further you move, the more often you’ll be finding yourself apt to losing control over your schedule.

  1. Don’t Forget Your Sense of Humor At Home

Don’t forget to laugh. Being a boss for somebody doesn’t mean you should always be tough and stern all the time. When you laugh, you put everyone around you at ease and create a friendly atmosphere which is much more beneficial both for your relations with the team and your results at work as a whole. Besides, it’s just boring and stressing when you focus on work all the time, so if you remember a couple jokes to tell your team, they’ll appreciate it very much.

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