5 Sweet Tips that Will Help You Sell Software

QArea Team by QArea Team on September 22, 2014

5 Sweet Tips that Will Help You Sell Software
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There are many things you may to sell your software. Some of them are more complex than others and some are working in a different direction than your particular company is headed. Yet they all work to at least some extent. It is only up to you to decide whether to implement this or that. Still I’ll list some useful tips and practices here you may enjoy and use as a mean of achieving various financial goals.

  1. We are to begin with some signup follow-ups. If a customer is already signed up you are to celebrate a success, yet it should not be considered as the end of the ride. For it is just the beginning. What you really need to do is to make sure your customers are actually using and enjoying your product. Try contacting with them afterwards. Let’s say e-mail the new ones the next day after they’ve signed-up to remind them of the new features and possibilities they are now capable of. Highlight your products advantages in the mail. Have some interesting links to your blog or the FAQ section of your site in it. You may even call your customers if you have the appropriate resources to get their feedback. This is great with trials as customers are often fairly surprised with a received call before they’ve actually paid even a dime.
  2. This leads us to some trial follow-ups. If you have a one month trial for your software try reminding your customers that the free version will expire in advance. Like in a weak and in a couple of days before. And, once more, at the expiration date day. This will allow users to concentrate on this task in advance as, otherwise, they will simply have more important businesses to attend to.
  3. Avoid Mondays and Fridays as days for notification purposes males. Any user will be simply cleaning his mail-box on a Monday from all the unnecessary stuff he has received during weekend, and all anybody wishes on Friday is simply going home, thus nobody will be focused. The perfect time for your mail is late noon or so. Because of the same reasons.
  4. Mix automated mail with actual people. That is the way for users to experience how user-friendly and personally acquainted to them you really are. Some reminders like the end of trial reminder may be automated yet you also are to receive some feedback and such purposed mails may be sent from an actual live person in the customer support department that will actually answer some newly received questions or replies to your mail.
  5. Be flexible. Grade your customers. Every single person needs a personal approach yet there are absolutely no resources existing that will allow you to make everyone happy. And, in a world of business some customers are just more important. The ones that are paying more money. Be sure to provide these precise customers with what they are into like discounts or exclusive pre-orders. Yet you are to remain reasonable and are not to forget about the rest of your users. You can’t work with just one person, right?

Those tips are indeed a nice way to make some friends amongst your customers. And they allow you to actually sell without selling as many IT developers are not too fond of sales as a process and are working with but the customers that are finding their services on their own.