5 tips for creating user friendly interface

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on June 21, 2012

5 tips for creating user friendly interface


Even if your application has perfect leading edge design and a lot of innovative features you will not be able to demonstrate all those features if your application doesn’t have user friendly interface. While developing you should always remember about your initial target which is to satisfy your end user’s needs. That’s why to listen to end users’ opinions and to understand their preferences is of high priority for every application developer.

Provide users with easy access to your application

This means that end user should be provided with possibility to launch your application from any spot he or she wants to. Provide them with quick start launchers and start menu buttons in order to help them access easily to your application.

Avoid drastic changes

An average end user doesn’t like changes when it comes to his or her computer. It is the well-known fact. And every time you change your application they expect that something will go wrong. That is why you should avoid any drastic changes. In case if you are going to change your design you should do it gradually.

Make your application easy to use

Contrary to popular belief an average user doesn’t care a lot about visual features of your application. Yes, they do like it. But it’s still not the most important thing. Moreover, they will prefer easy to use applications to those that are look good and eye-catching. That’s why while creating user interface you should take special care about good navigation and simple access to app’s functions.

Ask them

Since end user’s satisfaction is being your main target you should do your best to get to know all their preferences and needs. And the best way to do so is to ask them. Provide your application with the feedback possibility and ask users if your app is user-friendly or not.

Forget about keyboard shortcuts

The common mistake of the most developers and UI designers is to rely on keyboard shortcuts while designing. For many of us it is preferable to avoid using the mouse and to use keyboard shortcut wherever it is possible. But as for end user it is not the common thing. The average end user does love the mouse.

There is no doubt that your UI should include the possibility to use shortcuts. But DO NOT make your UI so that it MUST be used.

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