5 Tips For Successful Software Outsourcing

QArea Team by QArea Team on August 3, 2012

5 Tips For Successful Software Outsourcing
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Success of the software outsourcing service depend on manage skills during the performance of the contract. Many companies underestimate outsourcing service and trying to find the cheapest variant without making vendor selection process. Everyone in company starts blame-game and just running away when established process starts breaking down, like losing delivery information, deterioration in the quality, bad client service etc. So in order to make sure that software system is working debugged use an outsourcing service. Following tips show the benefits of outsourcing and perhaps it could help to benefit your business.

Outsourcing should be caused by right reasons.

Outsourcing can make everything worse if it takes a bad business. Of course, an outsourcing vendor should be useful for your business, but you can’t fix intrinsic problems in your business. For example, if client keep changing the minds, IT department misses the terms regular. So in this case outsourcing will be the result of company’s problems and the cause of the cost’s growing.

Thorough Vendor Selection Process.

According to the Outsourcing Report of the Deloitte Consulting, 35% of managers answered that they wished they would have more time on vendor selection before signing an outsourcing contract. A successful vendor selection would lead to decide an objective outsourcing decisions, because very often these decisions are manipulated by company politics.

Make It Measurable.

49% of the executives, according to the same Outsourcing Report, responded that they want to define practicable service level that align with business targets. You may know if your outsourcing agent performs your requirements only by analyzing service levels and defining quality measurements.

Supervise the outsourcing process.

It is a human nature that everybody put the guard down when the outsourcing becomes the usual for your company. For avoiding these symptoms you should set schedule for your outsourcing vendor’s productivity. Also, you may choose executive or manager who will be responsible for the outsourcing process.

Do not jump over your head.

There are some cases when it would be better to find an outsourcing consultant or adviser:

  • your coming outsourcing project is pretty large and it may expose the company to considerable risks;
  • the success of the project is under thread because of the company politics;
  • company managers do not have the experience in the vendors assessment and supplier selection.

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