5 Useful Android Applications to Manage Your Cloud Servers

QArea Team by QArea Team on August 2, 2012

5 Useful Android Applications to Manage Your Cloud Servers
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There are several simple ways to manage your cloud servers from your Android-based mobile device and to avoid the necessity for constant connection to your PC or notebook. The only thing you need is to install one of our proposed mobile application and you will be able to gain constant access to your cloud servers from any place you are in.

1. Decaf Amazon EC2 Client

This application was built to provide mobile application developers with an access to Elastic Cloud Computer service from their Android based device. Tough Decaf Amazon EC2 Client is a paid application, it provides you with much more functions and options concerning EC2 than its unpaid analogues.

Decaf Amazon EC2 Client has user-friendly interface with all features you need to manage and monitor your Amazon EC2 account. To provide you with protected access to your account this application has strong password protection as well. Decaf Amazon EC2 Client is widely used among mobile application development companies.

2. AWS Console

Originally AWS Console was designed for tablets based on Android (3.0 and 4.0 versions), but it is comparable with Android based phones as well.

This application will provide you with an access to six Amazon Web Services:

  • Relation Database Service;
  • Elastic Cloud Computer;
  • Route 53;
  • Simple Storage Service;
  • CloudFront;
  • Simple Notification Service.

AWS Console will provide you with an access to those administrative actions that are available from the website of application. AWS Console has very simple and user-friendly interface that helps users to locate all functions and options at once. Concerning the security facilities, AWS Console does not provide any possibilities to set a password. So please make sure to enable the original password protection of your device.

3. Android AWS Manager

Android AWS Manager will provide you with a quick access to the following Amazon Web Services:

  • Elastic Cloud Computer;
  • Elastic Load Balancing;
  • Relation Database Services;
  • Route53.

Since Android AWS Manager is supplied in beta version only, a lot of necessary features such as changes in orientation or password protection are unavailable. That’s why this application rather suites smartphones than tablets.

4. ConnectBot

ConnectBot is an open source SSN client that can be integrated with Decaf Amazon EC2 client mentioned above to provide you with more options of both applications. The Command Line interface of this application enables you to manage any Unix-based cloud server from your mobile device.

The undeniable advantage of ConnectBot is that it supports background mode so that you will be able to run any other application while ConnectBot is launched.

5. Rackspace

This application enables you to to gain a quick access to your Cloud Files and Cloud server through your Android based mobile device. You also will be able to create new Cloud server or delete an old one with Rackspace application.

Although Rackspace is a free application it has a function of password protection to avoid unauthorized access to your cloud servers.

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