5 Ways to Earn Money with Google Adsense

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on February 19, 2013

5 Ways to Earn Money with Google Adsense
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How to make money with Google AdsenseWhile some people can gain from Google Adsense the main source of income, others hardly cover the cost of hosting. There are reasons independent of you, such as the economic situation. But a lot also depends on you. Below are 5 tips you should pay attention to:

1. Choosing the Best Niche

In the more profitable niches such as health niche high value clicks are a common occurrence. However, there are niches where it is almost impossible to make money with Adsense.

2. Placing ads in prominent places

The better you place your ad the more clicks you will get. The best placement is on the top of the page as well as directly in the text.

3. Reaching the Highest Click-through Rate

Strategic placement mentioned above is certainly important to increase CTR, but there are several more ways to generate more clicks:

  • Choosing the right size of the ad. In Adsense you can present your ad as a triangle, square, button and so on, but not all these species are good. There are recommended sizes for ads offered by Google. But it is better to experiment with them in order to identify which of them are better for you.
  • Using multiple ad units. Use multiple ad units, preferably of different sizes and types. Remember that text ads usually attract clicks better than image. However, despite this general advice keep looking for something that attracts clicks directly to your page.
  • Using link units. It’s a good idea to place links next to the menu or title. Thinking that links are menu items people will click them and therefore increase your CTR. Just remember that you can be fined if the format of created Link units will be similar to the format of your menu. It makes sense to change at least their color or alternatively, write them in italics.
  • Allocating the right color. There is no common color solution that fits all websites. It is impossible to tell whether you win if your link units and menu will be of the same color or on the contrary, it would be better to allocate your ads contrasting color. It is necessary to experiment with color and figure out what is more effective for your ads.

4. Attracting Traffic

Not only high CTR but also traffic is necessary to generate revenue from Adsense. Free traffic one can get from search engines and this is probably the main source of traffic. But do not forget about other sources for example social networks.

5. Alternatives for Google Adsense

If you still haven’t seen any profit, do not despair. First try to find the causes and change something. If that does not work, you might consider numerous alternatives of Adsense which will maybe bring more money for you.