5 Ways to Use Android Developer Options

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on March 7, 2014

5 Ways to Use Android Developer Options
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Developers are most likely aware of advanced options hidden in Android devices. Android Developer Options might also be interesting and useful for advanced users and geeks. The steps to enable this option differ on various devices and different Android OS versions, so you should additionally search for this issue.

After switching Developer Options in Settings menu you get access to several useful actions. Below are some of them.

  1. Enable USB Debugging

USB Debugging is of the most widely used advanced Android option as it provides a higher level of freedom of control over the device. It allows you to use USB connection for your PC applications to interface with your device. This makes the following tricks available:

  • Rooting and unlocking an Android phone;
  • Installing a custom ROM;
  • Using ADB commands, particularly to restore a bricked phone
  • Creating and restoring local backups without rooting;
  • Capturing screenshots of the device with a desktop program;
  • Copying and testing apps you’ve created etc.
  1. Use Fake GPS Location

You can trick Android by switching mock locations option. Your device would think you are currently somewhere else. It can be useful with some apps that track your location just to confuse your friends or for some other reason.

  1. Force-Enable FXAA For OpenGL Games

Top devices with great graphics performance can become even better in performing OpenGL ES 2.0 games. Enabling the Force 4x MSAA option will force Android to use 4x multi-sample anti-aliasing in those games. This will probably decrease your battery charge faster and requires more graphics power but will improve the image quality in certain games.

  1. Disable or Speed Up Animations

Moving between screens and apps on Android devices is always accompanied with animations. This feature becomes customizable when Developer options are enabled. You can disable these animations, change the window animation scale, animator duration scale and transition animation scale. You can also speed the animations up here.

  1. Always Show CPU Usage

If you are always interested in the CPU usage data of your device it is possible to show it always-on-top without installing any third-party CPU apps. You will see the system load average, the system load over the last one, five, and fifteen minutes.

This is not a full list of things you can do using Android Developer Options, others include: Staying Awake While Charging, Not Keeping App Activities, Switching Dalvik To ART, Enabling Wireless Display Certifications, Setting a Desktop Backup Password and some other options useful for developers when debugging their apps.