6 Advantages of Mobile ERP

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on February 12, 2016

6 Advantages of Mobile ERP

Organization. It is the one concept that can make or break a business. With it, your business can be a hot commodity. Without it, well, your business will be a hot mess. Which is why Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is necessary to help ensure the long-term viability of a company. ERP software serves all departments individually while integrating their functions onto a single computer. This way, all information is accessible by each department as needed. It helps individuals to make smart decisions and work more efficiently.

No matter the size or industry there is a software solution for every business. Whether you need a basic solution or one that is more complex, the software can be specifically tailored for your organization. If you need to be able to access your ERP software at all times, consider having mobile ERP software; the software is accessed through mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, meaning it can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Still not convinced? Here are six more advantages to mobile enterprise resource planning:

  1. Improve Engagement with Customers
    In order to efficiently help a customer, a customer service representative needs to not only be able to fully answer questions regarding the company and its policies but also be able to access a customer’s account information. Poor customer service steadily loses customers and word gets around. Help out your customer service team by making sure they can access all information. Not only that, but accurate information, too. Providing customers with incorrect information will result in frustration and a poor review.
  2. Increase Your Productivity
    See a more productive workforce with the help of mobile ERP as the information is available anywhere, anytime. Some ERP software allows a user to access the information even without an Internet connection; the system will update once a connection is established. Employees will become more productive by not having to wait on data to complete jobs. The timeline will benefit, too, by cutting down turnaround time and seeing projects to completion faster.
  3. Accurate Data All the Time
    Business efficiency includes not just productivity but accuracy. To help employees be more effective at their jobs, they need accurate, up-to-the-minute data; without it, mistakes—ordering too much inventory, not meeting certain deadlines—can happen. Because many departments are dependent upon one another to do their jobs, manual data entry is inefficient (plus there is always the possibility for human error). Having an ERP solution to integrate these functions means giving employees the best tools to perform their duties.
  4. Access Inventory on the Go
    For companies that produce and/or distribute physical products, knowing their inventory at a moment’s notice can help reduce over production or purchasing too many raw goods and creating a lengthy cash flow gap. So whether you’re looking to re-stock inventory or are checking to see if you have enough to produce a large order, mobile ERP presents your business in the palm of your hand.
  5. Establish Organized Communication
    As previously mentioned many departments, while they have their respective duties, must often convene with one another. Due to the fast-pace nature of many American corporations, scheduled meetings are often the only time for individuals or whole departments to share information. With the ERP system, they can access all the information they need without interrupting their workday. Mobile ERP takes it a step further by allowing this communication to occur no matter where two individuals—or departments—are working at any given time.
  6. Make Your Business More Competitive
    Because ERP systems help increase productivity, provide necessary data for customer service representatives, and encourage intelligent business decisions an organization will become more competitive on the market. Utilizing mobile ERP takes it a step further by eliminating the restrictions (such as a single computer-based system) that can prevent a company from meeting optimal efficiency and growing to be the top business in their industry.Having enterprise resource planning software is crucial to the success of any business, but for those looking to streamline their organization even more, mobile ERP is a route to consider. Mobile ERP may be accessed on a smaller device but its advantages to your business are huge.

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