6 Advantages of Working Directly With a Professional App Development Company

QArea Team by QArea Team on April 20, 2016

6 Advantages of Working Directly With a Professional App Development Company
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No one needs to convince you that your business needs a mobile app. In fact, you may need more than one. Before you decide that hiring a development company is too expensive (or any of the other arguments you might have heard), you need to consider that if you go with an agency, they are going to turn around and hire a developer. Hence, you’ve saved no money and simply added the overhead of the middleman.

Doing it in house may not actually save you money when you consider the loss in productivity you’ll be forcing on your IT department. Besides, mobile app development services are entirely different from developing computer software. Most IT folks don’t even code in the app languages. Very few have hands-on experience with the various mobile operating systems out there (and you’ll likely be supporting at least two, maybe more).

Here are six of the primary advantages of partnering with a professional mobile app development company like QArea.

1.Leveraging Access to a Dedicated Team of Developers

Without a middleman, you have direct access to the developers working on your mobile app. Plus, the developers are intimately familiar with popular features, how to build an intuitive and attractive user interface, how to deliver a seamless user experience on the various platforms (Android, Apple, etc.), and how to get those apps approved and available on the various app stores (which is a monumental task in itself). You can ask questions, pass on afterthoughts and additional information, and take a peek at what they’ve come up with so far. It’s almost like having your own team developing it, only without sacrificing their productivity for months on end while they get it done.

2. Having Direct Access to Your Development Project

QArea uses a unique process (which we will discuss in a moment), which allows you to not only see, but take delivery of parts of your project every couple of weeks. No waiting months to see what the home screen will look like or learn how to navigate the various features. You’ll get direct, hands-on access to the project in baby steps so that you don’t get to the very end of a long and costly development process only to find out you don’t like what you got. You have all the assurance, every step of the way, that you’re getting exactly what you wanted and asked for.

3. Achieving Simple Solutions to Complex Problems

Taking on a mobile app development project can seem a bit like a novice climber attempting to scale Mount Everest, or perhaps, a newbie cook attempting to take on a dish like Coq au Vin. But professional developers have most likely already solved similar problems, so they have a good idea how to best get around your complex issues. Usually, the solutions are deceptively simplistic, but without that knowledge and experience, the simple, easy solution might never present itself. The mobile app developers at QArea break the development process down into manageable chunks, so that huge, overwhelming issues become quite easy to process and resolve. Plus, it doesn’t take long at all to do.

4. Leveraging a Results-Oriented Thinking Process

Most app developers approach the process of developing a mobile app by thinking about concepts and ideas. They have ideas for interfaces, concepts for navigation and content, etc. What you need is a developer who is focused on the end result. Results-oriented development begins with the end in mind. When you use that approach, the results come as a natural byproduct of good ideas and proven processes. It’s like accepting a snap from the center and visualizing a touchdown, or seeing the little ball in front of you and picturing it sailing into a beautiful and flawless hole-in-one. The end is set firmly from the beginning, and the developer finds a way to get it from here (nothingness) to there (a fully-functional mobile app with all the bells and whistles).

5. Saving with a Close-Cost Management of Your Development Project

Have you heard stories of development projects that go way over budget or stretch into the outer realms of eternity when it comes to deadlines? The mobile app development company, QArea, doesn’t let that happen. You begin with a budget, and the project is kept within that budget by utilizing proven, reliable processes. You can control the costs and end up with a great mobile app and the price tag you had in mind from the beginning of the project. No sticker shock, no buyer’s remorse — just a whole lot of scoring points with your customers and your workers for finally getting with the 21st century.

6. Getting a Usable Product Quickly with Agile Development

We’ve touched on points briefly, but QArea uses a unique. yet tried and proven mobile app development process. called Agile development. Agile development begins by sitting down with the professionals at QArea and explaining exactly what you need out of your mobile app. The dedicated development team then uses your needs to develop Stories, which are essentially use cases for the app. The team then breaks each story down into small, easily managed chunks or sections. They work diligently on each chunk until a Story (use case) is developed. This process takes two weeks, because the team is working only on your development project — you aren’t sharing a team of developers with five or 10 or 20 other clients. After one section of usable code is delivered at the end of the two-week period, the team then takes on the next use case, develops, and delivers — until the customer (that’s you!) is completely satisfied with the product as delivered.

The advantages are that costs are kept under control, you have your own dedicated team of developers who thoroughly understand your unique business and mobile needs, and you get sections of usable product (code) every two weeks — no more playing wait-and-see.

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