6 Drupal Modules You Need To Lead In SERPs

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on December 26, 2013

6 Drupal Modules You Need To Lead In SERPs
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Drupal has a great collection of modules contributed by its community that help Drupal developers to make their site more remarkable on SERPs.

Although website Google ranking is mostly decided by the quality and relation of the content, 6 Drupal modules presented below can boost your chances to rank high even more.

  1. Global Redirect

With this module Drupal can create URL aliases for you site pages while retaining the old path which results in two URLs directing to one page. You always have a chance the search engines may think your site is hosting some duplicate content and it will get sandboxed. The module solves this scenario redirecting all the URLs to correct ones before being retrieved.

  1. Meta Tags

The module allows setting meta tags for every view, node or panels page. By attaching meta tags to the page you ensure its better SERP results and show your relevant meta content on the search results. Utilizing this module allows you to automate this process.

  1. Pathauto

This is another useful Drupal module which generates URL aliases automatically for different content types without manual intervention. To do this it uses a pattern system incorporating the token module. Admins are allowed to change these systems and customize the URL.

  1. Search 404

The module replaces standard error pages saying “404: page not found” with SERPs based on the URL’s keywords. Thus you ensure that visitors will have the info they were trying to find on that site itself. The module also provides detection of search engine keywords and filtering of terms based on regular expression from the URL

  1. SEO Checklist

This module is perfect for Drupal beginners. The module lets you create a checklist via which you are able monitor the progress of SEO measures you’ve taken and know what else you should do to further improve your SEO. If you are not much familiar with Drupal technical jargons yet, this module will be especially helpful for you.

  1. XML Sitemap

This module is essential for SEO as it provides an XML sitemap based on the sitemaps.org specification. Working with this ensures your Drupal site indexation and a boost in page ranking for your site’s relevant keywords in SERPs. Also the module offers an automatic submission of the sitemap to submission pages of Google, Bing, Yahoo and other prominent search engines.

Using the above modules will improve your Drupal-powered website’s search engine optimization dramatically.