6 Seemingly Unresolvable Issues Every Online-Shop Owner Should Be Ready To Face

Anna Khrupa by Anna Khrupa on March 30, 2015

6 Seemingly Unresolvable Issues Every Online-Shop Owner Should Be Ready To Face
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When Developers Lie

Developers are really smart people. That is, by far, one of the largest reasons chums are great at what they are doing. However, as you all probably know, smart people prefer to avoid obstacles hence your own developers may feed you with excuses why this or that can’t or shan’t be implemented inside your e-commerce solution. The only way out for us, the less tech savvy ones is to know our onions and to know them well. So let us get a little bit deeper in this subject to make sure everybody can tell a lie of a lazy smart chum!

  • Despite whatever you might hear SSID does not belong anywhere near your URLs. Do you remember website URLs that are ending up with miles of pointless clutter like ?sid=sdfs53s4fasd5fg53sdgfsd right? Those are SSID. They are absolutely irrelevant and pointless until your customers are placing goods inside their carts. Those lovely rows of symbols are used for a unique session identification and may be really confusing and even troublesome if misused.
  • People are often wrong about things and users, your shoppers will make mistakes, Silly or even absolutely dumb mistakes however they are still customers and it would be as essential as good manners to make sure you have validated all possible scenarios and not only the right and expected ones. Make sure your users are carefully guided through the entire shopping process despite possible mistakes they will surely make. What would happen if your users would type some strange symbol or will not entirely fill up a field that’s required and hit submit? If they just fail, well the odds are your customers will never try it all over again. They will go shopping elsewhere.
  • The website itself and your database don’t blend much together. They require to live separately for better work, maintenance, security and so much more. Make sure they are provided with different servers.
  • Despite your front-end functionality is far from built as for now or exists in theory only you and your developers should begin considering coupons. The sooner, the better. It is always better to be certain your shopping cart is capable of handling coupons.
  • Most importantly every developer hates and despites all possible documentation. However the process of documentation exists for a bloody reason. The catch is people tend to get sick or even quit and leave. And somebody will have to continue the work they began from clues they have left in documentation. One thing developers hate worse than documentation is picking up work in such a manner as they will require to become actual detectives. That is extra time and extra money from your side. Wasn’t it easier it make sure all was documented from the beginning?
  • The better safe than sorry phrase works extremely well in your e-commerce case. Surely you will have more than one proposition of whatever you are offering customers. Make sure your solution is flexible from the start. If you will require discounts on particular goods you must sell fast and you are facing trouble implementing them to required merchandise you are losing money and time once again. And that could have been developed from the start, you know…

Surely these are merely the tip of an iceberg and many more dangers and pitfalls will be awaiting you throughout your work but that is what the blog’s all about: helping and guiding people through the world of IT, so stay tuned and more will come!