6 Killer Competitive Advantages Custom iPhone Apps Will Bring to Your Business in 2016!

QArea Team by QArea Team on June 9, 2016

6 Killer Competitive Advantages Custom iPhone Apps Will Bring to Your Business in 2016!
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Imagine you were going to sell only dresses which were the same style (summer dresses), the same size (M) and the same color (white) the whole year round, tailored according to the same template. How many buyers do you think you would have? The number would be really limited, right? Or if you didn’t notify people that there was only one color and one size available, you would have to deal with a horde of infuriated customers.

The same thing concerns iPhone apps for business. Off-the-shelf apps won’t suit the needs and demands of different people and different businesses. That is their main drawback.

If you want your business to be top of the hill, you need a distinctive feature.

A custom iPhone app is a thing which will make you stand out in 6 amazing ways. It’s hard to make it right, though.

1.Vive la difference!

Your difference is your strength. Your business is unique, and so are your needs.

A custom application will suit YOUR specific needs and will be targeted at YOUR specific customers. There may be other businesses similar to yours, selling similar products, but you are different (with various differing factors, such as location, the idea behind the product, age/gender of the target audience, your business line, how flexible and adaptable the product is). You are different and you need to turn your difference into your ultimate strength.

2. Preparing room for change

Not only is your business is different from the competition, it is also not the same it was yesterday. Success means growing and maturing, and if you grow, you change. A fully-grown adult won’t normally fit into a toddler’s clothes. And it is a good thing.

Your capacity and your needs are going to change. Your customers aren’t static either.

A one-size-fits-all approach can undermine your scalability, flexibility and freedom (and your ability to grow).

3. Security is not a trade-off

You don’t need to be perfect and meet all your customers’ needs.  However, what you shouldn’t trade off is security. Security is the priority for your customers.

Making online transactions secure with custom development will win your customers’ hearts.  Because when you truly care about people, you want them to feel safe. And when your customers feel safe, they stay.

4. Paying less for more

A custom app will save you money.

First of all, developing a custom iPhone application won’t cost you an arm and a leg. However, it will help you to win numerous hearts and give you an ultimate competitive advantage.

Secondly, it will help to save on hardware acquisition costs because buying licensed off-the-shelf software usually also entails buying hardware for this software.

5. Keeping closer to your customers

Development of a custom iPhone app lets you use such features as mobile analytics and push notifications.

Custom iPhone app development enables a strong connection with your customer. You can reach your customers directly and know more about their current preferences, tastes and needs through analysis of the app purchases.

It helps you to meet different customer needs and monetize your customer base more effectively.

6. Keeping your brand in focus

If you opt for custom iPhone app development, you can add various features such as videos, demos, and support for customers. This way you will always keep your brand in focus for your customers.


Customized software is a lucrative choice for maintaining a strong market presence. Investing in a software that is specifically tailored to meet your organizational needs while focusing on scalability can prove to be extremely beneficial for creating distinct products at economical prices.

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