6 Metadata Tips for Your Mobile Application

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on December 28, 2012

6 Metadata Tips for Your Mobile Application
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Metadata Tips for Mobile ApplicationsSometimes mobile application developers forget about their customers because getting caught up in the code. As a result users don’t get enough information about apps. In Apple Metadata is a right way to notice your app in the Apple Store. But unfortunately, this fact is very often overlooked by developers. There are some tips that are provided by Apple on what you need to do at least for the sake of marketing your app:

1. Clear and concise name of the application

Make sure people can discover your app by using relevant words. The name of an app shouldn’t be too long or too short that makes difficult for users to find the specific word.

2. Add app review information

It’s not necessarily that tester who might inspect your app is aware of how this app is intended to work. So, if your app is technically complex make life of people who might be work under your app in the future easier.

3. Get the point of an app in description

Description is a part of metadata that tells users about an app. Make sure your description provides full and clear information about it. Put the point of its operation into the first paragraph to let users know whether they really need this app.

4. Stimulate users visually with screenshots and icons

Screenshots and icons show the sense of an application. They are powered with meaning. Design of an app is one of the essential parts of any app that stimulates audience to buy it.

5. Use keywords to point users the way to find an app

Try to use efficiently your 100-bytes – the amount that Apple gives you in order to tell users about the way how to find the app among the plenty of other apps in the store.

6. Include a support e-mail

Such means will provide support for your users. In case if they detect any bugs in your app they can report you via e-mail. This is very good thing that makes users trust your app.