6 Myths About Agile

QArea Team by QArea Team on December 4, 2012

6 Myths About Agile
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As Agile development is pretty young methodology there are many misunderstandings among business owners. We are going to figure out some common related issues to let you judge by yourself whether you need to embed it into your business.

Myth 1: Agile is not for team

Some people think that Agile methodology takes too much time for meetings and leads to chaos in the big team. But in reality Agile implies splitting big team to smaller ones by location, functionality, etc.; you can automate distributed collaboration and determine strict schedule of meetings. Remember, you spend more time today to spend less time tomorrow.

Myth 2: Agile developers are high skilled

The very popular myth is that Agile developer is a talented person and nobody can just become agile. But the key to success is responsibility of developers and following the common rules. Of course, experienced developers with huge background are always welcome. Anyway, if you are newbie you will be involved in the process from the first day.

Myth 3: Agile doesn’t need documentation

This is not true and perhaps one of the biggest misconception. One of the basic principles of Agile methodology is “Working software over comprehensive documentation”. Of course, Agile implies less documentation than other process, but the most important is only if you need it. Thus you get the best combination of cost, time and value. Documentation must be brief, topic-oriented that leads to less revisions and editing.

Myth 4: Agile is for customer

Some managers think that customer should be also agile and on-site. In real world Agile is for developers, first of all. Also any types of contracts are available for Agile development rather than Fixed-Price contracts.

Myth 5: You can be Agile enough

Some teams can say they are already Agile enough. But there is no limit for perfection. Agile methodology is about efficiency, responsibility and continuously improvement.

Myth 6: Agile rescues any problem fast in the most efficient way

Usually this is false conception. Agile takes some time and commitment to master till become efficient for your business (weeks/months/years). You should spend some time to organize this process and make it work properly.


All these thoughts are debated. But the most employees like Agile and there are productivity improvements in their business process. We are also sure that every team can do Agile, just try to implement it thoroughly: adopt practices one by one and don’t go blindly into agile. Anyway, Agile let customer perform at an expert level and become a part of the development process.

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